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Beijing Key Laboratory of Oral Digital Medicine


Institutional Overview: Beijing Key Laboratory of oral Digital Medicine declared by Peking University School of Stomatology, obtained the approval of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission in May 21, 2015. The head of the laboratory is Professor Guo Chuanbin, director of Peking University School of Stomatology.

Research field and direction: The laboratory aims to improve the level of oral medical service in Beijing, the Capital of China by application of oral digital medical technology as the strategic goal. The main research content is to develop oral digital medicine related industries and national standards, clinical application specification, to support the health and sustainable development of oral medicine industry and industry in the capital. The research on common key scientific problems followed the 4 supporting directions of oral digital medicine, will be carried out. 1. On the basis of studying the segmentation, registration and fusion of oral multisource data, the intelligent diagnosis, design and evaluation of oral diseases are realized. 2. Oral digital repair and regeneration: This part is to study the accurate acquisition and intelligent application of multi-dimensiona l constraints in oral repair, virtual prediction and three-dimensional evaluation of effect, and include the research and clinical transformation of individual and biomimetic digital oral tissue engineering complex. 3. Oral diagnosis and treatment robot: The research based on the obstacle avoidance of visually and force synergetic operation, and the online planning strategy of cross scale measurement, robot assisted surgery. The precision and safety control of automatic tooth preparation robot in mouth. 4. Oral digital manufacturing related materials and evaluation: The design and preparation, function regulation, biological response mechanism and evaluation method of material are studied.

Institutional strength: There are 70 fixed researchers, including 59 doctorates, 5 Master's degrees. The total area of laboratory is about 2000 square meters, which is mainly located in the scientific research building and teaching building. There are about 98 sets of large and advanced instruments for oral digital medical research, with a value of more than 70 million yuan.

Important scientific research achievements and contributions in recent years: Beijing key laboratory of oral Digital Medicine is beneficial to give full play to the existing scientific research advantages of Peking University School of Stomatology. Based on international leading level of research conditions, the research on common key scientific problems of oral Digital Medicine will be carried out comprehensively and systematically, the scientific research level of oral digital medicine in the capital and the country will be rapidly improved, guiding the direction of the oral digital medicine research in the capital and radiation to the field of oral medicine and industry over the China. Through the construction of open platform, to attract, train the high-end academic talents of oral digital medicine and transmit them to the capital and even the whole country. It will play a key role in building the national digital technology innovation center, building the high-grade, precision and advanced medical economic structure, promoting the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and driving the development of the capital medical industry.

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