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National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases


Institution Overview: National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases is a national clinical research center identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology in conjunction with the National Health and Family Planning Commission, CPC Central Military Commission Logistics Support Department and General Administration of Food and Drug Administration in 2016. Since it was established, the center has been integrating retrospective study with perspective study to work on bottleneck problems, develop clinical research and innovation systems, set up a new model of clinical research on multi-objective and multi-task program based on collaborative research network; construct a standardized and high-quality collaborative research network and multi center research platform to carry out multi center, large scale and high quality researches on clinical cohort study of oral diseases, comprehensively service to enhance the level of national oral disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and effectively solve the key clinical problems and improve the national health level.

Research Field and Direction: The center regards oral and maxillofacial tumors, salivary gland disease, severe maxillofacial deformities, dental caries, periodontal disease, tooth defect & lack and other seriously affecting oral health diseases as main clinical research fields, takes the research team in Peking University School of Stomatology of related diseases as the core, cooperates with the research network member units and conducts the national multi-center clinical research on the national level. Specifically, it includes:

(1) The prevention, early intervention, and tertiary prevention of caries and periodontitis.

(2) Oral and maxillofacial function repair.

(3) The establishment of the multidisciplinary integrated sequential therapy for dental and maxillofacial malformation, the innovation of key technology and the application of clinical application.

(4) The establishment and implementation of oral and maxillofacial-head and neck tumors diagnosis and treatment.

(5) Systematic, minimally invasive, standardized CR of salivary gland disease.

(6) Oral precision medical treatment.

Institution Strength: Peking University School of Stomatology enjoys high reputation at home and abroad for its top clinical service and superb medical technology, which has always been regarding the construction of research-oriented hospital as the goal, striving to achieve "prevent oral diseases and promote people's oral health" as its responsibility. It has accumulated a solid foundation of scientific research and clinical technical strength. In recent ten years, the hospital has assumed the national 973 Plan, 863 Plan and Technology Support Program and other 28 major national research projects, 258 programs from Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. with a total of 330 million yuan of funds. The hospital also has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award once, and 16 provincial and ministerial awards. Over the past ten years, more than 3500 academic papers have been published, including SCI 655 papers, over 100 clinical academic monographs were published as a chief editor, which has important influence in the field of clinical research of stomatology in China.

Important Scientific Research Achievements and Contributions in Recent Years: In order to comprehensively improve the level of prevention and treatment of oral diseases and clinical transformation, the hospital unites 37 branch centers to create a national collaborative innovation network of oral disease diagnosis and treatment with international influence and national radiation, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the major clinical needs and problems, which puts forward strategic analysis to determine the strategic research direction via top-level design. It designed, organized and implemented collaborative researches to develop an oral disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment system with Chinese characteristics, formulates the diagnosis standards and guidelines. The overall level of research on the clinical prevention and treatment of oral diseases in China was therefore significantly improved by giving full play to the leading role of radiation. The National Center will adapt to the development of oral diseases and clinical researches, conduct a full integration of national and regional medical research resources and strengths, play a leading and collaborative advantage, constantly innovate approaches and mechanisms aiming at home and abroad clinical research focuses and frontier areas, and strive to achieve a major breakthrough in the study of oral diseases so as to promote the growth of clinical medicine of oral diseases.

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