Dong YanMei

General Information

Title:Professor, Chief Physician, PHD Supervisor,Educational Director of Department of Cariology and Endodontology

Discipline area:Cariology, Endodontology,Bioactive materials



Research Profiles:

Bioactive Materials, Pulp Regeneration, Bone regeneration, Biomineralization, Pulp Capping Materials

Research Expertise

Research Theme:

1. To study the novel bioactive glasses and their composite scaffolds with polymer materials for the regeneration of dentin-pulp complex and bone tissues.

2. To Study the the novel bioactive glasses for dentin remineralization.

3. To Study the clinical effects of direct pulp capping in mature permanent teeth.

Academic Publications

* Corresponding author

1. Weiyu Gong, Zhiwei Huang, Yanmei Dong*, Yehua Gan, Shenlin Li, Xuejun Gao, Xiaofeng Chen. Ionic Extraction of a Novel Nano-sized Bioactive Glass Enhances Differentiation and Mineralization of Human Dental Pulp Cells. Journal of Endodontics. 2014, 40(1): 83-88.

2. Sainan Wang, Xuejun Gao, Weiyu Gong, Zhichun Zhang, Xiaofeng Chen, Yanmei Dong*. Odontogenic Differentiation and Dentin Formation of Dental Pulp Cells under Nano-bioactive Glass Induction. Acta Biomaterialia, 2014,10 (6): 2792-803.

3. Sainan Wang, Qing Hu, Xuejun Gao, Yanmei Dong*. Characteristics and Effects on Dental Pulp Cells of a Polycaprolactone/Submicron Bioactive Glass Composite Scaffold. Journal of Endodontics. 2016, 42 (7): 1070–1075.

4. Caiyun Cui, Sainan Wang, Huihui Ren, Ailing Li, Dong Qiu, Yehua Gan, Yanmei Dong. Regeneration of Dental-pulp Complx-like Tissue using Phytic Acid derived Bioactive Glasses. RSC advances. 2017, 7, 22063–22070.

5. Weiyu Gong, Yanmei Dong*, Sainan Wang, Xuejun Gao, Xiaofeng Chen. A Novel Nano-sized Bioactive Glass Stimulates Osteogenesis via the MAPK Pathway. RSC advances. 2017, 7, 13760 - 13767.

6. Shaoqing Liu, Weiyu Gong, Yanmei Dong*, Qing Hu, Xiaofeng Chen, Xuejun Gao. The Effect of Submicron Bioactive Glass Particles on in vitro Osteogenesis. RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 38830-38836.

7. Siyi Liu, Sainan Wang, Yanmei Dong*. Evaluation of a Bioceramic as a Pulp Capping Agent in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Endodontics. 2015, 41(5): 652-7.

8. Long Yunzi, Liu Siyi, Zhu lin, Liang Qiming, Chen Xiaofeng, Dong Yanmei*. Evaluation of Pulp Response to Novel Bioactive Glass Pulp Capping Materials. Journal of Endodontics. 2017, 43(10): 1647-1650.

9. Xuyan Sheng, Weiyu Gong, Qing Hu, Xiaofeng Chen, Yanmei Dong*. Mineral Formation on Dentin induced by Nano-bioactive Glass. Chinese Chemical Letters. 2016, 27 (9): 1509–1514.

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