Zhu Xiaofei

General Information

Title:Associate Professor

Discipline area:Dental pulp stem cells and regeneration, Enterococcus faecalis infection in endodontics


Research Profiles:

1. Dental pulp stem cells and regeneration

2. Enterococcus faecalis infection in endodontics

Academic Publications

1. Zhu X, Liu J, Yu Z, Chen C, Ricucci D, Aksel H, Azim A, Huang G*. A miniature swine model for stem cell-based de novo regeneration of denta pulp and dentin-like tissue. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2018 24(2): 108-120.

2. Wang Y†, Zhu X†, Zhang C*. Pulp revascularization on permanent teeth with open apices in a middle-aged patient. J Endod. 2015,41(9):1571-1575.

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7. Zhu X, Yin X, Chang J, Wang Y, Cheung G, Zhang C*. Comparison of the antibacterial effect and smear layer removal using photon-initiated photoacoustic streaming aided irrigation versus a conventional irrigation in single-rooted canals: an in vitro study. Photomed Laser Surg. 2013; 31(8): 371-377.

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9. Zhu X, Zhang C*, Huang G, Cheung GS, Dissanayaka W. Transplantation of dental pulp stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for pulp regeneration. J Endod. 2012; 38(12):1604-1609. [IF: 2.807, CI: 81]

10. Zhu X, Wang Q, Zhang C*, Cheung GS, Shen Y. Prevalence, phenotype, and genotype of Enterococcus faecalis isolated from saliva and root canals in patients with persistent apical periodontitis. J Endod. 2010; 36(12):1950-1955.

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