Zhang Lei

General Information

Title:Consultant Doctor, Associate Professor

Discipline area:Head Neck Surgery Oncology of Oral & Maxillofacial RegionSalivary Gland Disease Microvascular Reconstruction of Head Neck Defect Minimally Invasive Surgery



Research Profiles:

1. New biomaterials on jaw reconstruction and dental implant

2. Tissue engineering research on dental area

3. Clinicopathologicalresearch on salivary gland disease

4. New technique of minimally invasive surgery

Academic Publications

1. Lei Zhang, HengXu, Zhi-gang Cai, et al. Clinical and Anatomic Study on theDucts of the Submandibular andSublingual Glands. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2010,68(3): 606-610.

2. Lei Zhang, Michael Escudier, Jacqueline Brown, et al. Long-Term Outcome After Intraoral Removal of Large Submandibular Gland Calculi. Laryngoscope. 2010,120: 964–966.

3. Jian Qin, Lei Zhang, Zhi-gang Cai, et al. Microvascular Autologous Transplantation of Partial Submandibular Gland for Severe KeratoconjunctivitisSicca. BrJ Ophthalmol. 2013, 97(9): 1123-8.

4. N. Xi. ao, L. Zhang, X. Peng, et al. Non-vascularised fibular bone graft after vascular crisis: compensation for the failure of vascularised fibular free flaps. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg.  2018, 56(8): 667-670.

5. Lei Zhang, Jia-Zeng Su, Zhi-Gang Cai, et al. Factors influencing the long-term results of autologous microvascular submandibulargland transplantation for severe dry eye disease. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2019, 48 (1) : 40-47.

6. Xiao Xu, Yongliang Li, Lixin Wang, et al. Triple-functional polyetheretherketone surface with enhanced bacteriostasis and anti-inflammatory and osseointegrative properties for implant
application. Biomaterials. 2019,212:98–114. 

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