Liu Yi

General Information

Title:Associate Professor

Discipline area:Orthodontics



Research Expertise

Research Theme: 

1. Multidisciplinary Dental Care

2. TMD diagnosis and treatment

3. Early orthodontic treatment

4. Digital orthodontics

Academic Publications

1. Liu, Si Qi, Fu Jia Wen, Hua Chen, and Yi Liu. Variation in mesiodistal root angulation of panoramic images generated from cone-beam computed tomography[J].The Chinese Journal of Dental Research : The Official Journal of the Scientific Section of the Chinese Stomatological Association , 2013,16 (2): 101.

2. Zhang Yongde, Wei Chunge, Jiang Jingang, Jiang Jixiong, Liu Yi, Wang Yong. Motion planning for archwire bending robot in orthodontic treatments[J]. International Journal of Control and Automation, 2014, 7 (7): 287-297. (EI: 20143418084545)

3. Jiang Jin-gang, Wang Zhao, Zhang Yong-de, Jiang Ji-xiong, Niu Suo-liang, Liu Yi. Study on springback properties of different orthodontic archwires in archwire bending process [J]. International Journal of Control and Automation, 2014, 7 (12): 283-290. (EI: 20152801011503)

4. Jiang Jin-gang, Peng Bo, Zhang Yong-de, Wang Zhao, Liu Yi, Wen Fu-jia. Structural analysis and dynamics simulation of orthodontic archwire bending robot [J]. International Journal of Control and Automation, 2015, 8 (9): 203-210. 

5. Jiang Jin-gang, Zhang Yong-de, Wei Chun-ge, He Tian-hua, Liu Yi. A review on robot in prosthodontics and orthodontics[J]. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2015, 7 (1): 198748. (SCI: CH5MJ, Impact Factor: 0.575)

6. Cheng Cheng, Xiaosheng Cheng, Ning Dai, Yi Liu, Yulin Hou, Xiaotong Jiang. Personalized Orthodontic Accurate Tooth Arrangement System with Complete Teeth Model. Journal of Medical Systems, 2015. (Published online: 25 July 2015)

7. LIU Siqi*, WEN Fujia, CHEN Hua, LIU Yi.  Variation in Mesiodistal Root Angulation of Panoramic Images Generated from Cone-beam Computed Tomography .  The Chinese Journal of Dental Research, 2013; 16 (2): 101-110.

8. LIU Yi, Computer Aided Manufacture in Orthodontics. Chin Practical Stomatol. 2012, 05 (5): 261-266.

9. LIU Yi, Orthodontic treatment of palatal impacted canine. Chin Practical Stomatol. 2012,11 (5): 665-670.

10. LI Jin, LIU Yi, Preliminary three-dimensional analysis of posed smile. CHIN J Stomatol, 2012 (11): 675-679.

11. ZHAO Yijiao, LIU Yi, Accuracy of different registration methods for laser-scanned dental cast data and maxillofacial cone-bean CT data. CHIN J Stomatol, 2013. 48 (3): P173-P176.

12. Liu, Y., et al., The validity of in vivo tooth volume determinations from cone-beam computed tomography. Angle Orthod, 2010. 80 (1): p. 160-6.

13. LIU Yi et al, Precision of cephalometric landmark identification from cone-beam computed tomography. CHINESE JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS. 2010. 17(2).

14. LIU Yi, James Mah, XU Tianmin, Validity of tooth volume determinations using cone beam computed tomography. JOURNAL OF PEKING UNIVERSITY(HEALTH SCIENCES) 2010 (1). 98-102

15. LUO Weihong, LIU Yi, An analysis of orthodontic retreatment cases and retreatment. CHINESE JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS. 2010 (17)1: 41-46.


Honours and Awards

2019 FDI committee member, Membership Liaison and Support committee, World Dental Federation.

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