Zheng Shuguo

General Information

Title:Professor and Chairman, Department of Preventive Dentistry

Discipline area:Dental Public Health and Pediatric Dentistry


Research Profiles: 

1. Dental developmental abnormality

2. Saliva Biomarker

3. Dental public health

Research Expertise

Area of Research Expertise:

1. Study on the mechanism of dental developmental abnormality (esp. CCD, AI and Hypodontia)

2. Molecular epidemiological study and biomarker study for dental caries and periodontal disease

3. The study of the policy for dental public health in China

Research Theme:

1. Focus on the mutation detection and pathogenesis of CCD, AI, Hypodontia and other dental developmental abnormality

2. Early diagnosis and monitoring of salivary biomarkers in dental caries and periodontal disease

3. Research on human resources, policies and strategies of dental public health in China 

Academic Publications

1. Tang Han#, Yuan Chao#, Ma Zhangke, Zhu Ce, Tong Peiyuan, Gallagher Jennifer Elizabeth, SunXiangyu*, Zheng Shuguo*. The potentiality of salivary peptide biomarkers for screening patients with periodontal diseases by mass spectrometry. Clinica Chimica Acta, 2019, 495: 278-286.

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Honours and Awards

He won the American National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry "Distinguished Abstract Award" in 2015.