Ge Wenshu

General Information

Title:Associate Professor

Discipline area:stem cell, bone engineering, epigenetics


Research Profiles: 

1. Bone engineering of stem cells

2. Epigenetics of Stem Cell Bone Tissue Engineering

Academic Publications 

1. Wenshu Ge, Lei Shi, Yongsheng Zhou, Yunsong Liu, Gui-e Ma, Yong Jiang, Yongwei Xu, Xiao Zhang, Hailan Feng . RBP2 Inhibits Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-derived Stromal Cells by Repression of Runx2-activitated Transcription.  Stem Cells,2011; 29: 1112–1125

2. Ge Wenshu, Liu Yunsong,Chen Tong ,Zhang Xiao ,Lv Longwei ,Jin Chanyuan, Jiang Yong, Shi Lei,Zhou Yongsheng .The epigenetic promotion of osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells by the genetic and chemical blockade of histone demethylase LSD1. Biomaterials, 2014, 35 (23): 6015-6025

3. Song N, Cao C, Tang Y, Bi L, Jiang Y, Zhou Y, Ge W. The Ubiquitin Ligase SCF FBXW7alpha Promotes ATA3 Degradation. Journal of cellular physiology.  J Cell Physiol. 2018 Mar; 233 (3): 2366-2377.

4. Tang Y, Lv L, Li W, Zhang X, Jiang Y, Ge W, et al. Protein deubiquitinase USP7 is required for osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells. Stem cell research & therapy. 2017; 8 (1): 186.

5. Wang Q, Tang Y, Xu Y, Xu S, Jiang Y, Dong Q, Ge W,et al. The X-linked deubiquitinase USP9X is an integral component of centrosome. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2017; 292 (31): 12874-84.

6. Li Z, Jin C, Chen S, Zheng Y, Huang Y, Jia L, Ge W, et al. Long non-coding RNA MEG3 inhibits adipogenesis and promotes osteogenesis of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells via miR-140-5p. Molecular and cellular biochemistry. Mol Cell Biochem. 2017 Sep; 433 (1-2): 51-60.

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