Patient Care

Department of Pediatric Dentistry


Established in 1951, the Department of Pediatric Dentistry Peking University School of Stomatology is one of the top pediatric dental centers in China for its prestigious reputation in clinical service, education and research.

It has been recognized as the national pediatric dentistry continuing educational base since 2004, and the first doctorate authorization unit of pediatric dentistry in China since 2007. Currently, there are 5 doctoral supervisors in the department. The department is awarded the Construction Project of the National Key Discipline of pediatric dentistry, 2013-2016.

So far, the department has 67 members including 33 faculty members (dentists), 31 nurses and 3 technicians. Twenty-eight faculty members have doctoral degree and 5 of them earned degree abroad. Fifteen faculty members have the experience of study abroad for more than one year. The department is the largest comprehensive clinical center specialized in pediatric dentistry in China. It has With 27 dental chairs, 3 operation rooms, and 1 pediatric dental lab, we serves more than seventy thousands child patients each year offering full-service of dental care.

Research is well combined another focus along with education and patient care in the department. The faculties have active research programs in several academic areas aimed at exploring the causes and mechanisms of oral diseases, and developing new therapeutic approaches and preventive measures.

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