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Beijing International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base of Oral Digital Medicine/International Joint Research Center of Stomatology


Institutional Overview: Beijing International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base of Oral Digital Medicine was approved by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission in September 2015. International Joint Research Center of Stomatology was asserted by the Ministry of science and technology in 2013. The international scientific and technological cooperation base of stomatology is based on the Peking University School of Stomatology. The base aims at the rapid development of the laboratory, efforts to catch up with the world's advanced level, the use of experimental results to relieve the sufferings of patients, return to the society.

Through rich clinical data and clinical experience, relying on excellent scientific research talents and innovative scientific research ideas, using the high level scientific research platform and advanced scientific research equipment, constantly enriching the diversity of scientific research models and experiments, transforming research achievements into clinical medical work, rapid promotion of international scientific research cooperation and foreign scientific research services in the multi branch field.

To realize the international breakthrough of the research level and the international innovation of the research results, so as to produce significant social and economic benefits.

Research field and direction: The base persists in the development mechanism of combination of introducing foreign key technologies and local research and development,carrying out research on international cooperation in oral digital medicine, leading in-depth cooperation with the foreign research team in the field of stem cells, regenerative medicine, periodontal disease and cardiovascular health, low temperature plasma, accurate acquisition and intelligent application of multidimensional constraints in oral repair, research and clinical transformation of personality and biomimetic digital oral tissue engineering complex, and online planning strategy based on vision and force synergetic surgery for obstacle avoidance, cross scale measurement and robot assisted surgery, the design preparation, function regulation, biological response mechanism and evaluation method of oral digital manufacturing related materials.

Institutional strength: There are 48 doctoral tutors and 60 master's tutors. The base has adopted a number of effective measures and ways of introducing and cultivating high end talents to cooperate and communicate in many ways: 1. By dispatching Chinese researchers and young scholars to the foreign Laboratory for short-term visits and training. 2. Inviting international scientific research and technical experts to give regularly conduct scientific research guidance and academic lectures in China, conduct site supervision of the experiment, put forward practical suggestions and suggestions for the construction and development of the base, and make clear the research progress and direction. 3. Organizing the discussion on laboratory research for researchers and young scholars of both side irregular, summarizing the report on the progress of scientific research in time. 4. Holding multi-field, deep-level international academic forum, building a high level academic exchange platform. 5. Training of graduate students jointly, co-publication of scientific research papers, which promoting scientific research cooperation for scientific research personnel and young scholars.

Many top scholars in the field of Stomatology have attracted to participate in the international scientific and technological cooperation project as a co-project leader by the rapid development of the base and the deep research cooperation. At the same time, the base also established long-term cooperation with laboratories and research companies in Holland, Japan and Philippines, so as to promote the rapid transformation of research achievements into productive forces. In addition, by holding academic seminars and training sessions annually, the base also played a leading and exemplary role for international science and technology cooperation in stomatological universities in China, effectively promoting the exchange of science and technology talents and project cooperation and optimizing the environment of international scientific and technological cooperation.

Important scientific research achievements and contributions in recent years: Open cooperation is based on the development of the Peking University School of Stomatology, by the use of international and domestic oral medicine resources, continuous deepening of cooperative relations, improving the quality and level of cooperation, obtaining a series of relevant scientific research achievements. Through the implementation of the project of the three dimensional digital diagnosis and evaluation system of the jaw deformity, using the longitudinal growth and development data with metal tagged nails to complete the important research goal of mining three-dimensional craniofacial growth and development information from two dimensional growth and development data, forming a three-dimensional digital diagnosis and evaluation system of tooth and jaw deformity, which has important clinical significance for orthodontics that has just entered the era of digital three-dimensional image. And it is committed to the development of independent intellectual property rights, to reach the international advanced level of related technologies and equipment. To a certain extent, it has improved our competitiveness and international influence in biomedical applications of oral stem cells, dental materials and cryogenic plasmas.

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