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About Us


Peking University School of Stomatology was established in 1941. 


It began as the dental clinic of the medical college and eventually evolved into the institution it is today, a unique combination of teaching, clinical service, research, and preventive oral health care. It encompasses not only the School itself but a renowned hospital and research institute.


As each new generation of elite stomatological professionals graduate from the School of Stomatology, they carry with them the School’s motto: To serve mankind with integrity, diligence, and skill. And they inherit those rights and responsibilities it has long conferred. Our faculty, staff, and alumni, past and present, have striven to develop in the School an institution of the highest caliber, which may open doors and light paths in oral health education, clinical service, research, and preventive care; both through the launching of domestic initiatives and the building of connections with like-minded institutions and organizations far beyond China’s borders.

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