Cui Nianhui

General Information

Title:Clinical Professor, Postgraduate Tutor, Vice director of OMFS

Discipline area:Oral & maxillofacial surgery, dental & alveolar surgery


Research Profiles: 

1. Healing and rebuild of alveolar

2. Stem cell from apical papilla

3. Bone invasion caused by tumor of oral region

Research Expertise

Area of Research Expertise:

1. Healing and rebuild of alveolar after tooth/wisdom tooth extraction 

2. Stem cell derived from apical papilla

3. Mandibular invasion caused by benign/malignant tumor

Research Theme:

1. Coronectomy of mandibular third molar

2. Obtain stem cell from apical papilla 

3. Mechanism of oncological bone invasion

Academic Publications

1. Cui N, Nomura T, Noma H, etc. Effect of YM529 on a model of mandibular invasion by oral squamous cell carcinoma in mice. Clin Cancer Res. 2005, 11(7):2713-9. 

2. Cui NH, Nomura T, Takano N, et al. Osteoclast-related cytokines from biopsy specimens predict mandibular invasion by oral squamous cell carcinoma. Experimental and therapeutic medicine 2010, 1: 755-760. 

3. Xu XL, Wang EB, Cui NH. [Influence of acellular dermal matrix on differentiation of stem cells from young permanent tooth apical papilla]. [Article in Chinese] Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2014,46(1):12-8.

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