Liu Yan

General Information

Title:investigator and PHD Supervisor

Discipline area:Biomimetic nanomaterials and dental hard tissue regeneration


Research Profiles: 

1. Biomineralization

2. Biomimetic nanomaterials and tissue engineering

3. Stem cells and tissue repair

4. Tooth movement and fibril remodeling

5. Dentin bonding

Academic Publications

1. Jin SS, He DQ, Luo D, Wang Y, Yu M, Guan B, Fu Y, Li ZX, Zhang T, Zhou YH, Wang CY, Liu Y*. A biomimetic hierarchical nanointerface orchestrates macrophage polarization and mesenchymal stem cell recruitment to promote endogenous bone regeneration. ACS Nano 2019,13(6):6581-95.

2. Liu Y*, Luo D, Yu M, Wang Y, Jin SS, Li ZX, Cui SJ, He DQ, Zhang T, Wang T, Zhou YH*. Thermodynamically controlled self-assembly of hierarchically staggered architecture as an osteoinductive alternative toboneautografts. AdvFunct Mater2019,29(10), 1806445.

3. Zhang JL, Tang L, Qia HN, Zhao Q, Liu Y*, Zhang YF. Dual function of magnesium in bone biomineralization. AdvHealthc Mater 2019, 8(21):e1901030. 

4. Luo D, Cui SJ, Liu Y*, Shi CY, Zhang T, Wang T. Biocompatibility of magnetic resonance imaging nanoprobes improved by transformable gadolinium oxide nanocoil. J Am ChemSoc 2018, 140(43): 14211-6.

5. Luo D, Zhou B, Li Z, Qin X, Wen Y, Shi D, Lu Q, Yang M, Zhou H, Liu Y*. Biomimetic organization of ruthenium‐doped collagen‐based carbon scaffold for hydrogen evolution. J Mater Chem A 2018, 6:2311-7.

6. Liu Y, Liu S, Luo D, Xue ZJ, Yang XA, Gu L, Zhou YH, Wang T. Hierarchically-staggered nanostructure of mineralized collagen as a bone-grafting scaffold.Adv Mater 2016;28(39):8740-8.

7. Liu Y, Luo D, Wang T. Hierarchical structures of bone and bioinspired bone tissue engineering. Small 2016,12(34):4611-32.

8. Liu Y, Luo D, Kou XX, Wang XD, Tay FR, Sha YL, Gan YH, Zhou YH. Hierarchical intrafibrillarnano-carbonated apatite assembly improves nanomechanics and cytocompatibility of mineralized collagen. AdvFunct Mater2013; 23(11):1404-11.

9. Liu Y, Li N, Qi YP, Dai L, Bryan TE, Mao J,Pashley DH, Tay FR. Intrafibrillar collagen mineralization produced by biomimetic hierarchical nanoapatite assembly. Adv Mater 2011;23(8):975-80.

10. Liu Y, Kim YK, Dai L, Li N, Khan SO, Pashley DH, Tay FR. Hierarchical and non-hierarchical mineralisation of collagen. Biomaterials 2011; 32(5):1291-300. 

Honours and Awards

1. 2019.02 the Fourth batch of "Ten-thousand Talents Plan"

2. 2018.12 Young and middle-aged Elitists in the Ministry of Science and Technology

3. 2018.04 The first National Excellent Youth Award in Stomatology

4. 2017.12 Outstanding Achievement Award in Beijing Municipal Fundation

5. 2017.11 Third prize for Beijing Scientific and Technological Progress

6. 2017.11 JADR Travel Award 2017

7. 2016.11 Beijing New-star Plan of Science and Technology

8. 2016.10 Outstanding Award of Young Investigator on The 3rd International Conference on Dental and Craniofacial Stem Cells

9. 2016.09  First Place in IADR/Unilever Hatton Divisional Award

10. 2015.09 Second Place in Orofacial Stem Cell Research Summit, Penn Dental, Medicine

11. 2015.03  wCADR 1st Place Young Investigator Award

12. 2013.08  China’s Junior Talent Award for Stomatology

13. 2012.12  China's Most Influential International Academic Paper Award

14. 2012.06  IADR/AADR William J. Gies Award

last text: Nie Qiong