Wang Xiaoling

General Information

Title:Associate investigator in Central Laboratory

Discipline area:Caries research


Research Profiles:

1. Oral microbiome and caries

2. Dental plaque biochemistry and caries

Research Expertise

Area of Research Expertise:

1. Investigate the relationship between oral microbiome and systemic health

2. Effect of fluoride on demineralization and remineralization

Research Theme:

1. Investigated the relationship between oral microbiome and the progression and the prognosis of chronic kidney disease.  

2. Observed the effect of acidic and alkaline substrates on the pH of dental plaque, and on and demineralization and remineralization in vivo.

Academic Publications

1. Peiyuan Tong, Chao Yuan, Xiangyu Sun, Qi Yue, Xiao-ling Wang*, Shuguo Zheng*. Identification of salivary peptdomic biomarkers in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing haemodialysis. Clinica Chimica Acta 489 (2019) 154-161.

2. Qi Yue, Fei-Ting Yin, Qian Zhang, Chao Yuan, Mei-Yan Ye, Xiao-Ling Wang*, JiJun Li*, Ye-Hua Gan* Carious status and supragingival plaquemicrobiota in hemodialysis patients. PLOS ONE 13 (10): e0204674. October 9, 2018.

3. Yang Yu, Xiaoling Wang, Chunling Ge, Bing Wang, Chuoyue Cheng, Ye-Hua Gan. Effects of rinsing with arginine bicarbonate and urea solutions on initial enamel lesions in situ. Oral Dis 2017, 23: 353-359.

4. Xiaoling Wang, Chuoyue Cheng, Chunling Ge, Bing Wang, Yehua Gan. Consumption of baked nuts or seeds reduces dental plaque acidogenicity after sucrose challenge. Am J Dent 2016; 29: 145-148..

5. Xiaoling Wang, Chuoyue Cheng, Chunling Ge, Bing Wang, Yehua Gan(*).Urea Rinse effectively Neutralises Sucrose-induced Decrease in Plaque pH. Chin J Dent Res, 2015; 18 (3): 185-190.

6. Xiaoling Wang, Chuoyue Cheng, Dong Peng, Bing Wang, Yehua Gan(*).  Inhibition of acidogenicity in dental plaque by sodium fluoride solution after sucrose rinse. Chin J Dent Res, 2013,16 (2): 137-144.

7. Xiaoling Wang, Chuoyue Cheng, Dong Peng, Bing Wang, Yehua Gan(*). Dental Plaque pH Recovery Effect of Arginine Bicarbonate Rinse In Vivo. Chin J Dent Res, 2012, 15 (2): 115-120.

8. Shan Zhang, Xiao-Ling Wang, Ye-Hua Gan and Sheng-Lin Li. Activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase is required for mevastatin-induced apoptosis of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cells. Anti-Cancer Drugs 2010, Vol 21 No 7: 678-686.

9. Xiaoling Wang , Wenlong Song , Yehua Gan, Chuoyue Cheng, Chunjie Xia, Peng Jiang , Xuliang Deng, Taolei Sun, Lei Jiang. Superhydrophobic modification of hydroxyapatite decreased in vitro Streptococcus mutans adhesion and calcium dissolving. Chin J Dent Res, 2009, 12(1): 15~20.

10. Xiaoling Wang, Wei Hu, Chuoyue Cheng, Yao Ge, Yehua Gan(*). Lower fluoride-, calcium- and phosphate- containing rinse more effectively enhances fluoride uptake in plaque than NaF rinse. Chin J Dent Res, 2009,12 (2): 1~6.

11. Xiaoling Wang, Yehua Gan(*), Yao Ge, Chuoyue Cheng, Xiaochi Chen, Wenhui Wang, Boxue Zhang(*). Remineralization of Enamel Subsurface Lesions by Xylitol Chewing Gum Containing Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate and Funoran. Chin J Dent Res, 2007,10 (2): 38-42

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