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PKU-SS Chairs National Committee for Monitoring of Adverse Toothpaste Reactions


The National Committee for Monitoring Adverse Toothpaste Reactions was established on April 9th 2021. Chairing of this committee was assigned to the PKU-SS, with six faculty members appointed as panel experts: Deng Xuliang, Lin Hong, Hua Hong, Liu Xuenan, Han Jianmin, and Wang Wan. Among them, Deng Xuliang was appointed as chairman, Lin Hong as vice-chairman, and Han Jianmin as chief of secretariat. Together, they represent the leading role of PKU-SS in monitoring adverse toothpaste reactions in China.

Supported by the superior oral healthcare expertise of the PKU-SS, as well as state-of-the-art inspections and detection facilities of medical instrument testing centers based on PKU-SS, the panel of experts will commence their work by formulating a standardized methodology of classification, reporting and analysis. The panel will also develop a scale to facilitate analysis into the causes of adverse reactions, as well as the assessment of risks related to different toothpastes. Moreover, guidelines, professional consultation, theoretical guidance, and technical support will also be provided to enable national-level monitoring of adverse toothpaste reactions through systematic collection, analysis, and evaluation of related data.

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