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Deng Xuliang's and Wei Yan's team has made innovative progress in chiral material research


The research team led by Professor Deng Xuliang and Professor Wei Yan has made significant progress into three-dimensional (3D) chiral materials. They revealed that the 3D chiral microenvironment can significantly regulate tissue homeostasis around the defect area, documenting their results in the scientific study entitled, "Chirality bias tissue homeostasis by manipulating immunological response", which was published in the prestigious international scientific journal Advanced Material on 3rd October 2021. In this study, they successfully fabricated a new type of gel for clinical bone defect reconstruction, providing an important theoretical basis for 3D chiral microenvironment-dependent tissue regulation and repair.

This research not only lays a foundation for further analyses of chiral molecular interactions in the origin of life, but also provides an important basis for the design and fabrication of biologically-responsive tissue engineering scaffold material.

In the future, the team aim to carry out further in-depth research into how the 3D chiral microenvironment affects cell lineage diversification and potential biological selection initiation mechanisms, providing new perspectives for the design of clinical repair material.

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