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Professor Sun Yuchun's Team Wins the First Prize in the Beijing Science and Technology Award (Technological Invention Award)


The winners of the Beijing Science and Technology Award (2020) were announced on September 25th 2021. The list included Professor Sun Yuchun's team, who won the First Prize under the Technological Invention Award. The Technological Invention Award is a sub-category of the Beijing Science and Technology Award, which aims to recognize and reward individuals and organizations based on groundbreaking technological innovations in products, processes, materials, and corresponding systems. In 2020, the Technological Invention Award comprised five first prizes and six second prizes. The project overseen by Professor Sun Yuchun was the only medical project to be granted the Technological Invention Award this year.


The team produced a series of inventions based around artificial intelligence design technology for complex oral prostheses, 3D metal printing systems for oral and medical applications, and biomimetic laminated zirconia materials. The design not only improved the precision, design and efficiency of prosthetics, but also provided functional and aesthetic matching.

The project has achieved remarkable clinical applications, with key performance indicators reaching leading international standards. Taking dental restoration as an example, almost 20 million of these restoration products have so far been used worldwide every year.




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