Li Cuiying

General Information

Title:Deputy Director, Professor, Chief Physician, PHD supervisor

Discipline area:
1. Extracellular matrix and salivary gland tumors
2. The mechanism and applied basic research on jaw disease


Research Profiles:

Oral histopathology, tumor biotherapy

Area of Research Expertise:

1. It has been clarified that the extracellular matrix, especially EDA of FN, is an important shear molecule affecting the biological behavior of salivary gland tumors.

2. The specific expression pattern of non-b cell (neoplastic) IgG in oral cancer was confirmed.

3. Identified part of the pathogenesis of maxillary macromaxillary disease, and explored some of the basic clinical problems related to dental implantation.

Research Theme:

Oral cancer and jaw related diseases

Academic Publications

1. Wan-Qi Lv#,Hai-cheng Wang#,Jing Peng,Yixiang Wang,Jiuhui Jiang*,Cuiying LI*. Gene editing of the extra domain A positive fibronectin in various tumors amplified the effects of CRISPR/Cas system on the inhibition of tumor progression.Oncotarget, 2017, 8 (62): 105020-105036

2. Wan-Qi Lv#,Jing Peng#,Hai-Cheng Wang, DepingChen,Yue Yang, Yang Zhao,Xiaoyan Qiu*,Jiu-Hui Jiang*,Cuiying Li*. Expression of cancer cell-derived IgGand extra domain A-containing fibronectin in salivary adenoid cysticcarcinoma.Archives of Oral Biology, 2017,81: 15-20.

3. Jing Peng#, Hai-Cheng Wang#,Yang Liu,Jiuhui Jiang, Wan-Qi Lv, Yue Yang,Cuiying Li*,  Xiaoyan Qiu*. Involvement of non-B-cell-derived IgG recognized by RP215 promotes tumor invasion in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma.Oncology letters, 2017,14: 4491-4497.

4. Hai-Cheng Wang#,Yue Yang#, Shu-Yu Xu,Jing Peng,Jiu-Hui Jiang*,Cuiying Li*.The CRISPR/Cas system inhibited the pro-oncogenic effects of alternatively spliced fibronectin extra domain A via editing the genome in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cells. Oral Diseases. 2015,21 (5): 608-618.

5. Yang Yue*, Wang Haicheng, Xu Shuyu,Peng Jing,Jiang Jiuhui,CuiyingLi.Knocking- out EDA alternative splice fragment of fibronectin using a Clustered regularlyinterspaced short palindromic repeats / associated 9 system.  Chinese Journal of Stomatology, 2015, 50 (8): 490-495.

6. Xiaohui Zhu#,CuiyingLi#, Xin Sun , Yuntao Mao, GuohuiLi, Xiaoyong Liu,Youhui Zhang,Xiaoyan Qiu*.Immunglobulin mRNA and Protein Expression in Human Oral Epithelial Tumor Cells. 2008,16 (3):232-238.

7. WANG Hai-cheng,YANG Qiu-bo,CuiyingLi*. The construction of eukaryotic expression plasmid pcDNA3.1 (+) –EDA. Beijing Journal of Stomatology, 2008,16 (1): 2-5.

8. Cuiying Li,Shifeng yu.A novel mutation in the SH3BP2 gene causes cherubism:case report. BMC Medical genetics, 2006, 7: 84.

9. CuiyingLi*,Yu Shifeng.The detection of mutation in the SH3BP2 gene of a cherubism family.Chinese Journal of Stomatology, 2006, 41 (6): 368-371 

Honours and Awards

Obtained wore search projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, one research project supported by Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, one research project supported by Key Research Program from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China; and four provincial and municipal-research projects. Be honored with second class prize of 2008 and 2013Beijing Science and Technology Commission Award for Educational and Scientific Research Achievements, and three Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards.

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