Patient Care

Department of Anesthesia


The Department of Anesthesia was founded in 1986, and became an independent clinical department in 2000. At present, we have 17 anesthetists, in which 4 are senior and 15 have master or higher degree. Our professional area covers clinical anesthesia and postoperative pain management of maxillofacial surgery, sedation and general anesthesia for children's dental care and other clinical dental treatment. We have good skills in the management of various difficult airway, rich experiences in the anesthesia management of senile, pediatric and high risk patients. Approximately 6000 general anesthesia are done in our department per year, and there has never occurred anesthesia related death or severe complications. For years, we have undertaken plenty of outside hospital consultations and teaching missions. In addition, we accept further education anesthetists all over the country every year.

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