Patient Care

Department of Oral Emergency



The Oral Emergency is a comprehensive department and provides services including acute toothache, dental traumatic injuries, maxillofacial infection and trauma. It is the first established and the largest oral emergency department in China, which is open to the general public for 24 hours. There were approximately 10 thousand visits every year.

The Oral Emergency has 12 dental chairs and 22 dentists consisting of general, endodontic, oral and maxillofacial, pediatric, periodontal and prosthodontics practitioners, with top-rank technologies.

The Oral Emergency is also a professional teaching center, responsible for standard training of resident doctors, clinical training of oral postgraduates, and continuing education of dental professionals. We train approximately 90 resident doctors and 30 postgraduates every year.

Main research directions of oral emergency related to acute toothache, dental traumatic injuries, maxillofacial infection and trauma, and medical security. We have published the diagnosis and treatment of common dental emergency diseases, which is the first domestic clinical guideline of oral emergency.

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