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PKU-SS Orthodontic Department is the first specialized orthodontic department in mainland China. Thousands of patients receive high quality orthodontic treatment in this department every year. After its foundation by Professor MAO Xiejun in 1949, its reputation as the most prestigious orthodontic department has been established with generations' great efforts. Under the successive leaderships of Prof. Huang Jinfang, Prof. Fu Minkui and Prof. Lin Jiuxiang et al., this department has maintained its top position in the fields of clinics, education and research in mainland China and received many national level awards. It was selected into the National Key Clinical Specialties Construction Program of China (2016-2018).

As the leading Orthodontic clinical center, 92% of the doctors hold M. D. or PHD degrees, most of them have over one-year oversea training experience in world leading universities or clinical institutions. The department has been the pioneers of combined orthodontic and orthognathic treatment, orthodontic treatment for CLP patients, orthodontic treatment for OSAHS, and also leading practitioners of TADS, Force-transmission technique, PASS technique, lingual orthodontics, aligner technique and other advanced clinical techniques.

As the National Standardized Specialist Training Base, there're 9 PHD mentors, 8 Master mentors in this department, providing orthodontic education to undergraduate students, graduated students and residents. The 1st to 5th edition of National Textbook of Orthodontics, the 1st and 2nd edition of Orthodontic Textbook for graduated students and the 11th five-year-plan of the Ministry of Education Orthodontic Textbook for long-year program students were all issued under the general editorship of this department.

This department is also well-known for its outstanding achievements in research. Tens of high-level original academic articles and books are published every year. The editorial office for Chinese Journal of Orthodontics is based in this department. The 1st-4th and 6th President of COS were also from this department.

Our doctors and highly trained staffs of orthodontic professionals provide each patient with warm and personalized attention while helping them attain beautiful smile. The annual outpatient amount in our department is more than 160,000. Utilizing state-of-the art orthodontic technology and advanced treatment techniques, orthodontic care in this department is customized to our patients' specific needs and desires and receives high comment from the patients and their families nationwide.

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