Lin Jiuxiang

General Information

1. Director of Craniofacial Growth and Development Research Center
2. Chief Editor of Chinese Journal of Orthodontics
3. Chairman of Tweed Center, China
4. Chief Doctor
5. Professor
6. PHD Supervisor

Discipline area:Orthodontics


Research Profiles:

1. Exploration on the pathogenic mutation of cleft lip and/or palate

2. Craniofacial growth and development

3. Evaluation and prediction for orthodontic treatment result

4. R&D and surface treatment for oral bio-materials 

Research Expertise

Research Theme:

Cleft lip and/or palate, hereditary pedigree, pathogenic mutation, polymorphisms, proteomics, growth evaluation, craniofacial abnormalities, cervical vertebral maturation, oral materials, bracket design 

Academic Publications

1. Meng Peiqi, Zhao Huaxiang, Huang Wenbin, Zhang Yunfan, Zhong Wenjie, Zhang Mengqi, Jia Peizeng, Zhou Zhibo, Chen Feng, Zhang Jieni*, Lin Jiuxiang*, Maimaitili Gulibaha. Three GLI2 mutations combined potentially underlie non-syndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate in a Chinese pedigree[J]. Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine, 2019,7(UNSP e7149).

2. Zhang Jieni, Wang Xuedong, Lin Jiuxiang*. Longitudinal Quantitation of Tooth Displacement in Chinese Adolescents with Normal Occlusion[J]. Current Medical Science, 2019,39(2):317-324.

3. Zhang Mengqi, Liu Xiaomo, Shang Hongfei, Lin Jiuxiang*. Comparison of TiN and CNx coatings on orthodontic stainless steel: Tribological and biological evaluation[J]. Surface & Coatings Technology, 2019,362:381-387.

4. Zhao Huaxiang, Qin Xueyan, Zhang Qian, Zhang Xinli, Lin Jiuxiang*, Ting Kang*, Chen Feng*. Nell-1-Delta E, a novel transcript of Nell-1, inhibits cell migration by interacting with enolase-1[J]. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2018,119(7):5725-5733.

5. Zhao Huaxiang, Zhang Mengqi, Zhong Wenjie, Zhang Jieni, Huang Wenbin, Zhang Yunfan, Li Weiran, Jia Peizeng, Zhang Taowen, Liu Zhonghao, Lin Jiuxiang*, Chen Feng*. A novel IRF6 mutation causing non-syndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate in a pedigree[J]. Mutagenesis, 2018,33(3):195-202.

6. Zheng Xiaowen, Sun Yannan, Zhang Yimei, Cai Ting, Sun Feng, Lin Jiuxiang*. Implants for orthodontic anchorage: An overview[J]. Medicine, 2018,97(e023213).

7. Ai Tingting, Zhang Jieni, Wang Xuedong, Zheng Xiaowen, Qin Xueyan, Zhang Qian, Li Weiran, Hu Wei, Lin Jiuxiang*, Chen Feng*. DNA methylation profile is associated with the osteogenic potential of three distinct human odontogenic stem cells[J]. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 2018,3(UNSP 1).

8. Zheng Xiaowen, Chen Feng, Zhang Qian, Liu Yulan, You Peng, Sun Shan, Lin Jiuxiang*, Chen Ning*. Salivary exosomal PSMA7: a promising biomarker of inflammatory bowel disease[J]. Protein & Cell, 2017,8(9):686-695.

9. Oin Xueyan, Jia Peizeng, Zhao Huaxiang, Li Weiran, Chen Feng, Lin Jiuxiang*. Novel Mutation of Cleidocranial Dysplasia-related Frameshift Runt-related Transcription Factor 2 in a Sporadic Chinese Case[J]. Chinese Medical Journal, 2017,130(2):165-170.

10. Zhang Yingying, Zhao Huaxiang, Chen Zhibin, Lin Jiuxiang*, Liu Yan*. Osteoprotegerin Promotes Cementoblastic Activity of Murine Cementoblast Cell Line in vitro[J]. Chinese Journal of Dental Research, 2016,19(PMID 273793482):103-108.

11. Zheng Hui, Xu Lixin, Wang Zicheng, Li Lianshuo, Zhang Jieni, Zhang Qian, Chen Ting, Lin Jiuxiang*, Chen Feng*. Subgingival microbiome in patients with healthy and ailing dental implants[J]. Scientific Reports, 2015,5(10948).

12. Ai Tingting, Chen Feng, Zhou Shaonan, Zhang Jieni, Zheng Hui, Zhou Yanheng, Hu Wei, Liu Xiaofei, Li Li*, Lin Jiuxiang*. Magnetic Bead-Based Serum Peptidome Profiling in Patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus[J]. Biomed Research International, 2015(586309).

13. Zhang Jieni, Zhou Shaonan, Zhang Qian, Feng Shan, Chen Yuling, Zheng Hui, Wang Xuedong, Zhao Wanghong, Zhang Taowen, Zhou Yanheng, Deng Haiteng, Lin Jiuxiang*, Chen Feng*. Proteomic Analysis of RBP4/Vitamin A in Children with Cleft Lip and/or Palate[J]. Journal of Dental Research, 2014,93(6):547-552.

14. Zheng Hui, Li Ruoxuan, Zhang Jieni, Zhou Shaonan, Ma Qingwei, Zhou Yanheng, Chen Feng*, Lin Jiuxiang*. Salivary biomarkers indicate obstructive sleep apnea patients with cardiovascular diseases[J]. Scientific Reports, 2014,4(7046).

15. Zheng Xiaowen, Chen Feng, Zhang Jieni, Zhang Qian, Lin Jiuxiang*. Exosome Analysis: A Promising Biomarker System with Special Attention to Saliva[J]. Journal of Membrane Biology, 2014,247(11):1129-1136.

16. Zhao Xiaoguang, Hans Markguenther, Palomo Juanmartin, Lin Jiuxiang*. Comparison of Chinese and white Bolton standards at age 13[J]. Angle Orthodontist, 2013,83(5):809-816.

17. Liu Xiaomo, Ding Peng, Lin Jiuxiang*. Effects of bracket design on critical contact angle[J]. Angle Orthodontist, 2013,83(5):877-884.

18. Liu Xiaomo, Lin Jiuxiang*, Ding Peng*. Changes in the surface roughness and friction coefficient of orthodontic bracket slots before and after treatment[J]. Scanning, 2013,35(4):265-272.

19. Zhang Jieni, Zhou Shaonan, Li Ruoxuan, Cao Tian, Zheng Hui, Wang Xuedong, Zhou Yanheng, Du Ning, Chen Feng*, Lin Jiuxiang*. Magnetic bead-based salivary peptidome profiling for periodontal-orthodontic treatment[J]. Proteome Science, 2012,10(63).

20. Zhang Jieni, Zhou Shaonan, Zheng Hui, Zhou Yanheng, Chen Feng*, Lin Jiuxiang*. Magnetic bead-based salivary peptidome profiling analysis during orthodontic treatment durations[J]. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2012,421(4):844-849.

21. Zhao Xiaoguang, Lin Jiuxiang*, Jiang Jiuhui, Wang Qingzhu, Ng Suthong. Validity and reliability of a method for assessment of cervical vertebral maturation[J]. Angle Orthodontist, 2012,82(2):229-234.

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