Peking University Hospital


Preventive Care

General Introduction



Peking University School of Stomatology holds an accustomed place at the forefront of oral disease prevention in China and, in recent decades, has especially sought to develop preventive dentistry domestically. In 1981, it was authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as China’s first research and training center for preventive dentistry. To date, it remains the nation’s only such center and, over the course of the last thirty years, has trained hundreds of preventive-dentistry experts via hosting of lectures, workshops, and symposia.


In 1989, the School of Stomatology worked with China’s central government to establish the “National Teeth-Loving Day.” It has advocated similarly, in the new millennium, for the initiative “The New Long March for Oral Health”; and, in the last two decades, it has thrice administered China’s national oral-disease epidemiological survey. The fourth one is currently been carried out in 2016. The School emphasizes daily within its hallowed walls the importance of serving the larger world it belongs to, and it practices what it preaches by providing a myriad of community outreach programs, including free continuing education, stomatological consultation, and treatment.