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 1、Wei Yan ,Liu Shaojia ,Xiao Zuohui ,Zhao Hewei *,Deng Xuliang *,Guo Lin *et al.(作者:卫彦、刘少佳、肖作慧、赵和伟*、邓旭亮*、郭林*) (IF:27.398)

Enamel Repair with Amorphous Ceramics

Advanced materials  2020-02-01

2、Liu Wenwen,Zhang Fengyi ,Deng Xuliang *,Wen Xiufang *et al.(作者:刘雯雯、张冯依、邓旭亮*、文秀芳*) (IF:16.836)

Remote Tuning of Built-In Magnetoelectric Microenvironment to Promote Bone Regeneration by Modulating Cellular Exposure to Arginylglycylaspartic Acid Peptide

Advanced functional materials  2020-09-15

3、Jiang Yuxi ,Qi Wei ,Zhang Qianyi ,Sheng Xing *,Wang Yuguang *et al.(作者:姜雨汐、齐伟、张千一、盛兴*、王宇光*) (IF:12.130)

Green Light-Based Photobiomodulation with an Implantable and Biodegradable Fiber for Bone Regeneration

Small Methods  2020-04-07

4、Chen Chuwen,Fu Min ,Li Shenglin *,Ge Xiyuan *et al.(作者:陈楚雯、付敏、李盛林*、葛兮源*) (IF:9.727)

Long Noncoding RNA MRPL23-AS1 Promotes Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Lung Metastasis

Cancer research  2020-02-25

5、Luo Zuyuan ,Liu Zhen ,Bai Yun *,Deng Hongkui *,Wei Shicheng *et al.(作者:罗祖源、刘真、白云*、邓宏魁*、魏世成*) (IF:8.758)

Injectable Porous Microchips with Oxygen Reservoirs and an Immune-Niche Enhance the Efficacy of CAR T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors

ACS applied materials & interfaces  44176

6、Peng Liying ,Chang Li ,Wei Yan *,Liu Hongliang *,Han Bing *et al.(作者:彭丽颖、常丽、卫彦*、刘洪亮*、韩冰*) (IF:8.758)

Hydrogel-coated Dental Device with Adhesion-inhibiting and Colony-suppressing Properties

ACS applied materials & interfaces  2020-02-06

7、Wan Zhuqing ,Lv Longwei*,Zhou Yongsheng *et al.(作者:万竹青、吕珑薇*、周永胜*) (IF:8.579)

NIR light-assisted phototherapies for bone-related diseases and bone tissue regeneration: A systematic review

Theranostics  2020-09-26

8、Lv Wanqi,Xiao E*,Zhang Yi *et al.(作者:吕婉琪、肖锷*、张益*) (IF:8.579)

Depletion of the diabetic gut microbiota resistance enhances stem cells therapy in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Theranostics  2020-05-17

9、Wang Zhuoran ,Gao Weiping *et al.(作者:王卓然、高卫平*) (IF:7.727)

Temperature-triggered micellization of interferon alpha-diblock copolypeptide conjugate with enhanced stability and pharmacology

Journal of controlled release  2020-09-06

10、Mei Mei ,Zhang Zhiyong *,Zhang Xiao *et al.(作者:梅梅、张智勇*、张晓*) (IF:6.852)

Comparative efficacy and safety of radiotherapy/cetuximab versus radiotherapy/ chemotherapy for locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients: a systematic review of published, primarily non-randomized, data

Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology  2020-12-08

11、Li Qian,Zhou Yanheng *,Zhang Yu *et al.(作者:李倩、周彦恒*、张宇*) (IF:6.304)

EZH2 reduction is an essential mechanoresponse for the maintenance of super-enhancer polarization against compressive stress in human periodontal ligament stem cells

Cell death & disease  2020-09-15

12、Jin Chanyuan,Tang Zhihui *,Zheng Yunfei *et al.(作者:金婵媛、唐志辉*、郑云飞*) (IF:6.304)

Long non-coding RNA MIR22HG promotes osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells via PTEN/ AKT pathway

Cell death & disease  2020-07-30

13、Yang Ruili ,Huang Huaming ,Yang Ruili *et al.(作者:杨瑞莉、黄华明、杨瑞莉*) (IF:6.304)

IFN-gamma promoted exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells to attenuate colitis via miR-125a and miR-125b

Cell death & disease  2020-07-30

14、Zhang Heyu,Song Yongmei ,Li Tiejun *,Zhan Qimin *et al.(作者:张荷钰、宋咏梅、李铁军*、詹启敏*) (IF:6.021)

Exome sequencing identifies new somatic alterations and mutation patterns of tongue squamous cell carcinoma in a Chinese population

Journal of pathology  2020-07-09

15、Zhan Xinxin ,Jiang Jiuhui *,Li Cuiying *et al.(作者:展新新、江久汇*、李翠英*) (IF:5.880)

Comparison of the osteoblastic activity of low elastic modulus Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy and pure titanium modified by physical and chemical methods

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications  2020-08-09

16、Wu Zongxi ,Li Qian,Cai Zhigang *et al.(作者:吴宗熙、李箐、蔡志刚*) (IF:5.880)

In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility evaluation of a 3D bioprinted gelatin-sodium alginate/rat Schwann-cell scaffold

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications  2020-04-09

17、Wang Yifei ,Wang Lin *,Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:王逸飞、王琳*、郭传瑸*) (IF:5.791)

Suppression of G6PD induces the expression and bisecting GlcNAc-branched N-glycosylation of E-Cadherin to block epithelial-mesenchymal transition and lymphatic metastasis

British journal of cancer  2020-07-28

18、Jin Shanshan,He Danqing ,Liu Yan *et al.(作者:金姗姗、何丹青、刘燕*) (IF:5.753)

Mechanical force modulates periodontal ligament stem cell characteristics during bone remodelling via TRPV4

Cell proliferation  2020-09-22

19、Liang Weiwei ,Gao Min ,Sun Li *,Huang Wenjin *,Zhang Xuehui *et al.(作者:梁微微、高敏、孙立*、皇文进*、张学慧*) (IF:5.344)

Integrating silicon/zinc dual elements with PLGA microspheres in calcium phosphate cement scaffolds synergistically enhances bone regeneration

Journal of materials chemistry B  2020-03-10

20、Jiang Xi ,Jiang Xi *et al.(作者:蒋析、蒋析*) (IF:5.241)

Hard and Soft Tissue Alterations During the Healing Stage of Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization With or Without Connective Tissue Graft: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Journal of clinical periodontology  2020-08-01

21、Shi Shuwen,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:石姝雯、孟焕新*) (IF:5.241)

A nomogram prediction for mandibular molar survival in Chinese patients with periodontitis: A 10-year retrospective cohort study

Journal of clinical periodontology  2020-07-10

22、Zhan Yalin ,Lu Ruifang ,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:詹雅琳、路瑞芳、孟焕新*) (IF:5.241)

Platelets as inflammatory mediators in a murine model of periodontitis

Journal of clinical periodontology  2020-05-07

23、Li Wenjing ,Zheng Qiwen ,Meng Huanxin *,Meng Huanxin *,Chen Dafang *et al.(作者:李文静、郑启文、孟焕新*、孟焕新*、陈大方*) (IF:5.241)

Integration of genome-wide association study and expression quantitative trait loci data identifies AIM2 as a risk gene of periodontitis

Journal of clinical periodontology  2020-02-07

24、Wang Xin ,Yuta Chiba*,Satoshi Fukumoto*et al.(作者:王欣、Yuta Chiba*、Satoshi Fukumoto*) (IF:5.186)

Expression Patterns of Claudin Family Members During Tooth Development and the Role of Claudin-10 (Cldn10) in Cytodifferentiation of Stratum Intermedium

frontiers in cell and developmental biology  2020-10-22

25、Huang Wenjin ,Zhang Xuehui ,Martin Fussenegger*,Deng Xuliang *et al.(作者:皇文进、张学慧、Martin FUSSENEGGER*、邓旭亮*) (IF:5.186)

Role of YAP/TAZ in cell lineage fate determination and related signaling pathways

frontiers in cell and developmental biology  2020-07-15

26、Li Qian,Ouyang Xiangying *et al.(作者:李倩、欧阳翔英*) (IF:5.186)

LOX-1 Regulates P. gingivalis-Induced Monocyte Migration and Adhesion to Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

frontiers in cell and developmental biology  2020-07-14

27、Jin Chanyuan,Tang Zhihui *et al.(作者:金婵媛、唐志辉*) (IF:5.116)

HSPB7 regulates osteogenic differentiation of human adipose derived stem cells via ERK signaling pathway

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-10-23

28、Tang Daiman,Ge Wenshu*et al.(作者:汤祎熳、葛雯姝*) (IF:5.116)

Knockdown of LAP2 alpha inhibits osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells by activating NE-kappa B

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-07-01

29、Guo Yusi ,Chi Xiaopei ,Deng Xuliang *et al.(作者:郭雨思、迟晓培、邓旭亮*) (IF:5.116)

Mitochondria transfer enhances proliferation, migration, and osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell and promotes bone defect healing

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-06-25

30、Zhu Yuan ,Zhang Xiao ,Zhang Ping *,Liu Yunsong *et al.(作者:朱原、张晓、张萍*、刘云松*) (IF:5.116)

LAMA2 regulates the fate commitment of mesenchymal stem cells via hedgehog signaling

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-03-25

31、Sui Yi ,Wei Shicheng *et al.(作者:睢意、魏世成*) (IF:5.116)

Generation of functional salivary gland tissue from human submandibular gland stem/progenitor cells

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-03-20

32、He Danqing ,Zhou Yanheng *,Liu Yan *,Kou Xiaoxing *et al.(作者:何丹青、周彦恒*、刘燕*、寇晓星*) (IF:5.116)

Mechanical load-induced H2S production by periodontal ligament stem cells activates M1 macrophages to promote bone remodeling and tooth movement via STAT1

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-03-14

33、Wang Chenxi,Ge Xiyuan ,Zhang Yu *,Lin Ye *et al.(作者:王晨曦、葛兮源、张宇*、林野*) (IF:5.116)

Dopamine D1 receptor-mediated activation of the ERK signaling pathway is involved in the osteogenic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-01-03

34、Huang Yiping ,Zheng Yunfei *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:黄一平、郑云飞*、李巍然*) (IF:5.116)

Long non-coding RNA FER1L4 promotes osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament stromal cells via miR- 874-3p and vascular endothelial growth factor A

Stem Cell Research & Therapy  2020-01-03

35、He Jie,Hui Tianqian*et al.(作者:何婕、惠甜倩*) (IF:5.026)

Epigenetic regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in inflammatory diseases: a narrative review

Cell and Bioscience  2020-07-18

36、Li Jing ,Yu Tingting,Liu Dawei *,Zhou Yanheng *et al.(作者:李晶、余婷婷、柳大为*、周彦恒*) (IF:4.966)

T cells participate in bone remodeling during the rapid palatal expansion

FASEB Journal  2020-09-09

37、Guo Runzhi ,Huang Yiping *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:郭润智、黄一平*、李巍然*) (IF:4.953)

Long Non-Coding RNA H19 Participates in Periodontal Inflammation via Activation of Autophagy

Journal of Inflammation Research  2020-09-30

38、Wu Xiaowei ,Wang Yixiang *,Gu Yan *et al.(作者:吴晓伟、王衣祥*、谷岩*) (IF:4.914)

Akt2 Affects Periodontal Inflammation via Altering the M1/M2 Ratio

Journal of dental research  2020-05-04

39、Zhu Ce ,Sun Xiangyu *,Zheng Shuguo *et al.(作者:祝策、孙翔宇*、郑树国*) (IF:4.914)

Intraindividual Variation and Personal Specificity of Salivary Microbiota

Journal of dental research  2020-05-01

40、Yu Miao,Liu Yang ,Han Dong *et al.(作者:余淼、刘洋、韩冬*) (IF:4.914)

Epithelial Wnt10a Is Essential for Tooth Root Furcation Morphogenesis

Journal of dental research  2020-03-01

41、Min Sainan ,Cong Xin,Yu Guangyan *,Wu Liling *et al.(作者:闵赛南、从馨、俞光岩*、吴立玲*) (IF:4.914)

Tricellulin Modulates Transport of Macromolecules in the Salivary Gland

Journal of dental research  2020-03-01

42、Cui Shengjie ,Zhou Yanheng *,Yang Ruili *,Wang Xuedong *et al.(作者:崔圣洁、周彦恒*、杨瑞莉*、王雪东*) (IF:4.914)

DPSCs Attenuate Experimental Progressive TMJ Arthritis by Inhibiting the STAT1 Pathway

Journal of dental research  2020-01-24

43、Li Binbin ,He Huiying *et al.(作者:李斌斌、贺慧颖*) (IF:4.848)

Myb Immunohistochemical Staining and Fluorescencein situHybridization in Salivary Rare Basaloid Lesions

Frontiers in oncology  2020-06-30

44、Zhang Jieni,Zhou Zhibo *,Lin Jiuxiang *,Chen Feng *et al.(作者:张杰铌、周治波*、林久祥*、陈峰*) (IF:4.803)

A novel FZD6 mutation revealed the cause of cleft lip and/or palate in a Chinese family

Genes & Diseases  2020-09-02

45、Wang Xuekui ,An Na *et al.(作者:王雪奎、安娜*) (IF:4.486)

Crosstalk between Akt and NF-kappa B pathway mediates inhibitory effect of gas6 on monocytes-endothelial cells interactions stimulated by P. gingivalis-LPS

Journal of cellular and molecular medicine  2020-05-28

46、Yuan Lintian ,Michael R Hamblin*,Wang Yuguang *et al.(作者:袁临天、Michael R Hamblin*、王宇光*) (IF:4.383)

Potassium iodide enhances the photobactericidal effect of methylene blue on Enterococcus faecalis as planktonic cells and as biofilm infection in teeth

Journal of photochemistry and photobiology b-biology  2020-01-01

47、Liu Hao ,Gu Ranli ,Liu Yunsong *et al.(作者:刘浩、顾冉丽、刘云松*) (IF:4.257)

D-mannose attenuates bone loss in mice via Treg cell proliferation and gut microbiota-dependent anti-inflammatory effects

Therapeutic advances in chronic disease  2020-04-17

48、Shi Meng ,Wei Yiping ,Hu Wenjie *,Wu Xiaolei *et al.(作者:石梦、危伊萍、胡文杰*、吴晓磊*) (IF:4.236)

Alterations and Correlations in Microbial Community and Metabolome Characteristics in Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis

Frontiers in microbiology  2020-11-30

49、Huang Xiuling ,Xiao E*,Zhang Yi *et al.(作者:黄秀玲、肖锷*、张益*) (IF:4.236)

Microbial Profile During Pericoronitis and Microbiota Shift After Treatment

Frontiers in microbiology  2020-08-05

50、Tian Jing ,Chen Feng *,Qin Man *et al.(作者:田靖、陈峰*、秦满*) (IF:4.236)

Differences in Sole Carbon Source Utilization of the Dental Plaque Microbiota Between Caries-Free and Caries-Affected Children

Frontiers in microbiology  2020-03-20

51、Yang Qiaolin ,Zheng Yunfei *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:杨乔林、郑云飞*、李巍然*) (IF:4.225)

Long Noncoding RNA GAS5 Promotes Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells by Regulating GDF5 and p38/JNK Signaling Pathway

Frontiers in Pharmacology  2020-05-20

52、Zhang Yunfan ,Yu Tingting*,Wei Yan *,Han Bing *et al.(作者:张云帆、余婷婷*、卫彦*、韩冰*) (IF:4.225)

Advancements in Hydrogel-Based Drug Sustained Release Systems for Bone Tissue Engineering

Frontiers in Pharmacology  2020-05-06

53、Zhang Liutao ,Yu Miao,Zhou Yongsheng *,Feng Hailan *,Han Dong *et al.(作者:张刘陶、余淼、周永胜*、冯海兰*、韩冬*) (IF:4.124)

Comparative analysis of rare EDAR mutations and tooth agenesis pattern in EDAR‐ and EDA‐associated nonsyndromic oligodontia

Human mutation  2020-09-16

54、Pan Yichen,Chen Gui *,Xu Tianmin *et al.(作者:潘一琛、陈贵*、许天民*) (IF:3.998)

Accuracy and reliability of maxillary digital model (MDM) superimposition in evaluating teeth movement in adults compared with CBCT maxillary superimposition

Scientific reports  2020-11-09

55、Zhang Wenqing ,Yan Zhimin *et al.(作者:张文卿、闫志敏*) (IF:3.952)

Allergic Contact Stomatitis Caused by Propolis Throat Candies

Contact dermatitis  2020-04-01

56、Shi Weihua ,Qin Man *et al.(作者:石伟华、秦满*) (IF:3.939)

Carbon source utilization patterns in dental plaque and microbial responses to sucrose, lactose, and phenylalanine consumption in severe early childhood caries

Journal of oral microbiology  2020-06-23

57、Zheng Jianqiao ,Yuan Fusong *et al.(作者:郑剑桥、原福松*) (IF:3.921)

Osteoblast differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells by femtosecond laser bone ablation

Biomedical Optics Express  2020-01-14

58、Huang Zhen ,Pei Xiyan ,Dana T Graves*et al.(作者:黄振、裴喜燕、Dana T Graves*) (IF:3.918)

The interrelationship between diabetes, IL-17, and bone loss

Current osteoporosis reports  2020-01-31

59、Fu Min ,Chen Chuwen,Li Shenglin *,Ge Xiyuan *et al.(作者:付敏、陈楚雯、李盛林*、葛兮源*) (IF:3.899)

MicroRNA-103a-3p promotes metastasis by targeting TPD52 in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma

International journal of oncology  2020-05-25

60、Su Shenping ,Zhao Yuming *,Xiao E*et al.(作者:粟申平、赵玉鸣*、肖锷*) (IF:3.869)

Antibiotics disturb dentin formation and differentiation of dental pulp stem cells: the role of microbiota in cellular turnover of mouse incisor

Stem Cells International  2020-09-17

61、Wang Ruoqian,Wang Yu ,Liu Yan *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:王若茜、王禹、刘燕*、李巍然*) (IF:3.869)

Epigenetic Regulation in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Aging and Differentiation and Osteoporosis

Stem Cells International  2020-09-10

62、Zhao Yi,Zheng Yunfei *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:赵昳、郑云飞*、李巍然*) (IF:3.869)

Involvement of Noncoding RNAs in the Differentiation of Osteoclasts

Stem Cells International  2020-08-25

63、Liu Xuenan,Liu Yunsong *et al.(作者:刘雪楠、刘云松*) (IF:3.869)

Flufenamic Acid Inhibits Adipogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Antagonizing the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway

Stem Cells International  2020-03-16

64、Zhao Yajun ,Wang Yixiang *,Zhang Yi *et al.(作者:赵雅君、王衣祥*、张益*) (IF:3.869)

A Chemically Defined Serum-Free Culture System for Spontaneous Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroid Formation

Stem Cells International  2020-03-07

65、Jiang Xijun ,Liu He *et al.(作者:姜玺军、刘鹤*) (IF:3.801)

An uncommon type of segmental root development after revitalization

International endodontic journal  2020-08-07

66、Yang Jingwen ,Jiang Jiuhui ,Li Cui Ying *et al.(作者:杨静文、江久汇、李翠英*) (IF:3.801)

The Extra Domain A of fibronectin facilitates osteoclastogenesis in radicular cysts through Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

International endodontic journal  2020-04-01

67、Zhang Bo ,Wei Yiping ,Hu Wen Jie *et al.(作者:张波、危伊萍、胡文杰*) (IF:3.742)

Association between the dimensions of the maxillary sinus membrane and molar periodontal status: A retrospective CBCT study

Journal of periodontology  2020-11-01

68、Lu Hongye ,He Lu,Zhao Yibing *,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:卢洪叶、和璐、赵亦兵*、孟焕新*) (IF:3.742)

Well-maintained patients with a history of periodontitis still harbor a more disbiotic microbiome than health

Journal of periodontology  2020-06-04

69、Liu Kaining ,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:刘凯宁、孟焕新*) (IF:3.742)

Preliminary investigation on the molecular mechanisms underlying the correlation between VDR-FokI genotype and periodontitis

Journal of periodontology  2020-03-01

70、Wang Qi,Lu Hongye ,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:王琪、卢洪叶、孟焕新*) (IF:3.742)

Peri-implant mucositis sites with suppuration have higher microbial risk than sites without suppuration

Journal of periodontology  2020-02-03

71、Li Wenjing ,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:李文静、孟焕新*) (IF:3.742)

A novel multi‐locus genetic risk score identifies patients with higher risk of generalized aggressive periodontitis

Journal of periodontology  2020-01-01

72、Zhu Ningxin,Lin Zhiqiang *,Wang Yuanyuan*et al.(作者:朱宁馨、林志强*、王媛媛*) (IF:3.693)

Fabrication and Characterization of Calcium-Phosphate Lipid System for Potential Dental Application

Frontiers in chemistry  2020-03-25

73、Yan Huichun ,Yu Tingting*,Liu Dawei *et al.(作者:闫惠淳、余婷婷*、柳大为*) (IF:3.644)

The delivery of extracellular vesicles loaded in biomaterial scaffolds for bone regeneration

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology  2020-08-19

74、Yu Tingting,Zhang Yunfan *,Wang Xing *,Han Bing *et al.(作者:余婷婷、张云帆*、王星*、韩冰*) (IF:3.644)

The Delivery of RNA-Interference Therapies Based on Engineered Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology  2020-05-12

75、Ma Yanyan ,Gao Xuemei *et al.(作者:马燕燕、高雪梅*) (IF:3.586)

The effect of gradually increased mandibular advancement on the efficacy of an oral appliance in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Journal of clinical sleep medicine  2020-08-15

76、He Lu,Yang Hongjiang ,Ouyang Xiangying *et al.(作者:和璐、杨泓江、欧阳翔英*) (IF:3.533)

The Effect of Streptococcus salivarius K12 on Halitosis: a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins  2020-03-29

77、Chen Ying ,Liu Zhong Ning ,Jiang Ting*,Li Bo *et al.(作者:陈英、刘中宁、姜婷*、李波*) (IF:3.525)

Strontium-substituted biphasic calcium phosphate microspheres promoted degradation performance and enhanced bone regeneration

Journal of biomedical materials research part A  2020-02-10

78、Jie Fei ,Qin Man *,Hui Tianqian*et al.(作者:解飞、秦满*、惠甜倩*) (IF:3.463)

Multi-lineage differentiation and clinical application of stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth

Human cell  2020-01-31

79、Xin Yuejiao ,Wang Yixiang *,Zheng Shuguo *et al.(作者:辛月娇、王衣祥*、郑树国*) (IF:3.423)

New Function of RUNX2 in Regulating Osteoclast Differentiation via the AKT/NFATc1/CTSK Axis

Calcified tissue international  2020-05-01

80、Wang Da ,Lin Ye *et al.(作者:王达、林野*) (IF:3.396)

Clinical and radiographic outcomes of reentry lateral sinus floor elevation after a complete membrane perforation

Clinical implant dentistry and related research  2020-09-04

81、Wang Qi,Han Jie*,Meng Huanxin *et al.(作者:王琪、韩劼*、孟焕新*) (IF:3.396)

The width of keratinized mucosa around dental implants and its influencing factors

Clinical implant dentistry and related research  2020-05-08

82、Zhang Zhong ,Shi Dong ,Meng Huanxin *,Han Jie*et al.(作者:张众、释栋、孟焕新*、韩劼*) (IF:3.396)

Influence of vertical soft tissue thickness on  occurrence of peri-implantitis in patients with periodontitis: a prospective cohort study

Clinical implant dentistry and related research  2020-04-06

83、Tang Daiman,Qiu Lixin *et al.(作者:汤祎熳、邱立新*) (IF:3.396)

Influence of crown-to-implant ratio and different prosthetic designs on the clinical conditions of short implants in posterior regions: A 4-year retrospective clinical and radiographic study

Clinical implant dentistry and related research  2020-02-01

84、Li Shuo ,Hu Wei*,Li Qian*et al.(作者:李硕、胡炜*、李倩*) (IF:3.383)

GDF15 induced by compressive force contributes to osteoclast differentiation in human periodontal ligament cells

Experimental cell research  2020-02-01

85、Hao Ting ,Gan Ye Hua *et al.(作者:郝挺、甘业华*) (IF:3.375)

ΔNp63α promotes the expression and nuclear translocation of PTEN, leading to cisplatin resistance in oral cancer cells

American journal of translational research  2020-10-15

86、Yan Boxi ,Liu Dawei *et al.(作者:燕伯希、柳大为*) (IF:3.375)

Effects of the multifunctional hormone leptin on orthodontic tooth movement in rats

American journal of translational research  2020-05-30

87、Di Yue ,Wang Yuanyuan*et al.(作者:翟越、王媛媛*) (IF:3.367)

Potential Application of Human β-Defensin 4 in Dental Pulp Repair

Frontiers in physiology  2020-08-21

88、Yu Shi,Li Jingzhi ,Ge Li Hong *et al.(作者:余湜、李静芝、葛立宏*) (IF:3.367)

Comparative Secretome Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells From  Dental Apical Papilla and Bone Marrow During Early Odonto/Osteogenic Differentiation: Potential  Role of Transforming Growth Factor-β2

Frontiers in physiology  2020-03-10

89、Shuai Ting,Xu Lingli ,Chen Weiqing ,Pi Yuanping,Tian Xu *,Li Xiudong *et al.(作者:帅婷、徐灵莉、陈伟庆、皮媛萍、田旭*、李秀娥*) (IF:3.365)

Oral Glutamine May Have No Clinical Benefits to Prevent Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis in Adult Patients With Head and Neck Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Frontiers in Nutrition  2020-04-17

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Hyperion imaging system reveals heterogeneous tumor microenvironment of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients at T1N0M0 stage

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Comparative evaluation of peptidome and microbiota in different types of saliva samples

Annals of Translational Medicine  2020-06-01

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Dental and craniofacial defects in the Crtap-/- mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta type Ⅶ

Developmental Dynamics  2020-03-12

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Efficacy of zoledronic acid for prevention of bone loss in early-stage breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant therapy: A meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials

Current problems in cancer  2020-04-02

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Functional Characterization of a Novel IRF6 Frameshift Mutation From a Van Der Woude Syndrome Family

Frontiers in Genetics  2020-06-04

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A three-year study on periodontal microorganisms of short locking-taper implants and adjacent teeth in patients with history of periodontitis

Journal of Dentistry  2020-02-20

96、Zhou Yikun ,Yang Ruili *et al.(作者:周宜坤、杨瑞莉*) (IF:3.231)

Stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth ameliorate concanavalin A-induced autoimmune hepatitis by protecting hepatocytes from apoptosis

World Journal of Stem Cells  2020-12-26

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DNA methylation and demethylation link the properties of mesenchymal stem cells: Regeneration and immunomodulation

World Journal of Stem Cells  2020-05-26

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In vitro Antifungal Effects of Berberine Against Candida spp. In Planktonic and Biofilm Conditions

Drug design, development and therapy  2020-01-09

99、Li Bowen ,Liu Yu Hua *et al.(作者:李博文、刘玉华*) (IF:3.204)

Development of a novel extracellular matrix membrane with an asymmetric structure for guided bone regeneration

Materials letters  2020-09-01

100、Zhang Wenqing ,Mao Qinghua ,Yan Zhimin *et al.(作者:张文卿、毛清华、闫志敏*) (IF:3.202)

Diagnosis of oral syphilis remains a challenge - A case report

International journal of infectious diseases  2020-07-30

101、Ren Yi,Zhao Yuming *,Xiao E*et al.(作者:任燚、赵玉鸣*、肖锷*) (IF:3.153)

Microbiota-derived short-chain fatty acids promote BMP signaling by inhibiting histone deacetylation and contribute to dentinogenic differentiation in murine incisor regeneration

Stem cells and development  2020-09-15

102、Yu Shi,Ge Lihong *et al.(作者:余湜、葛立宏*) (IF:3.153)

Effect of the Soluble Factors Released by Dental Apical Papilla-Derived Stem Cells on the Osteo/odontogenic, Angiogenic, and Neurogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Cells

Stem cells and development  2020-06-11

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Integrated analysis of lncRNA–mRNA networks associated with an SLA titanium surface reveals the potential role of HIF1A-AS1 in bone remodeling

RSC Advances  2020-06-02

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Three-dimensional cell printing of gingival fibroblast/acellular dermal matrix/gelatin–sodium alginate scaffolds and their biocompatibility evaluation in vitro

RSC Advances  2020-04-21

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Biofunctionalization of zirconia with cell-adhesion peptides via polydopamine crosslinking for soft tissue engineering: effects on the biological behaviors of human gingival fibroblasts and oral bacteria

RSC Advances  2020-01-09

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Radiographic and Histologic Evaluation of Experimentally Induced Severe Intrusive Luxation of Immature Teeth in Rats

Journal of Endodontics  2020-08-07

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Directional Migration and Odontogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stem Cells Induced by Dentin Coated with Nanobioactive Glass

Journal of Endodontics  2020-02-18

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Specific complexes derived from extracellular matrix facilitate generation of structural and drug-responsive human salivary gland microtissues through maintenance stem cell homeostasis

Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine  2020-02-01

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Metallic Antibacterial Surface Treatments of Dental and Orthopedic Materials

Materials  2020-10-15

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Evaluation of four final irrigation protocols for cleaning root canal walls

International journal of oral science  2020-10-19

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Effect of the Nano/microscale Structure of Biomaterial Scaffolds on Bone Regeneration

International journal of oral science  2020-02-06

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MicroRNA-31 regulates dental epithelial cell proliferation by targeting Satb2

Biochemical and biophysical research communications  2020-11-05

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Pyrosequencing of the subgingival microbiome in peri‐implantitis after non‐surgical mechanical debridement therapy

Journal of periodontal research  2020-04-02

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Mechanical Properties and Biocompatibility of Ti-doped Diamond-like Carbon Films

ACS Omega  2020-08-28

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Biological Safe Gold Nanoparticle-Modified Dental Aligner Prevents the Porphyromonas gingivalis Biofilm Formation

ACS Omega  2020-08-10

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An effective dual-factor modified 3D-printed PCL scaffold for bone defect repair

Journal of biomedical materials research part B-applied biomaterials  2020-07-01

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Microarray analysis reveals that lncRNA PWRN1-209 promotes human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation on microtopography titanium surface in vitro

Journal of biomedical materials research part B-applied biomaterials  2020-04-13

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DNA doublei-strand breaks of human peripheral blood lymphocyte induced by CT examination of oral and Maxillofacial region

Clinical oral investigations  2020-11-13

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Somatosensory changes in Chinese patients after coronectomy vs. total extraction of mandibular third molar: a prospective study.

Clinical oral investigations  2020-09-18

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Quantitative assessment of condyle positional changes before and after orthognathic surgery based on fused 3D images from cone beam computed tomography

Clinical oral investigations  2020-08-01

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Health services provision of 48 public tertiary dental hospitals during the COVID-19 epidemic in China

Clinical oral investigations  2020-05-01

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Evaluation of intraoral digital impressions for obtaining gingival contour in the esthetic zone: accuracy outcomes

Clinical oral investigations  2020-04-01

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Inhibition of bacterial growth on zirconia abutment with a helium cold atmospheric plasma jet treatment

Clinical oral investigations  2020-04-01

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The stability of children's salivary peptidome profiles in response to short-term beverage consumption

Clinica chimica acta  2020-06-10

125、Li Jin ,Liu Yang ,Hua Hong *et al.(作者:李金、刘洋、华红*) (IF:2.613)

Association between hyperglycemia and the malignant transformation of oral leukoplakia in China

Oral diseases  2020-10-10

126、Yang Jingwen ,Xu Shuyu ,Wang Haicheng*et al.(作者:杨静文、许舒宇、王海丞*) (IF:2.613)

Heterogeneity of fibroblasts from radicular cyst influenced osteoclastogenesis and bone destruction

Oral diseases  2020-07-01

127、Zhang Ye,Zhou Chuanxiang *,Li Tiejun *et al.(作者:张晔、周传香*、李铁军*) (IF:2.613)

Notch activation leads to loss of myoepithelial differentiation and poor outcome in solid adenoid cystic carcinoma

Oral diseases  2020-06-12

128、Xu Zedong ,Hao Ting ,Gan Yehua *et al.(作者:徐泽东、郝挺、甘业华*) (IF:2.613)

RhoG/Rac1 signaling pathway involved in migration and invasion of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cells

Oral diseases  2020-05-23

129、Shi Qiao ,Luan Qingxian *et al.(作者:石巧、栾庆先*) (IF:2.613)

Correlation  study on mtDNA polymorphisms as potential risk factors in aggressive periodontitis by NGS

Oral diseases  2020-03-26

130、Hu Li Jun ,Yan Zhimin *et al.(作者:胡利君、闫志敏*) (IF:2.613)

Fluorescence staining vs. routine KOH smear for rapid  diagnosis of oral candidiasis—A diagnostic test

Oral diseases  2020-02-16

131、Li Xiaopei,Zheng Yunfei ,Jia Lingfei *,Li Weiran *et al.(作者:李晓蓓、郑云飞、贾凌飞*、李巍然*) (IF:2.613)

Exosomes derived from maxillary BMSCs enhanced the osteogenesis in iliac BMSCs

Oral diseases  2020-01-01

132、Huang Xiaoyi ,Zhao Minzhi *,Zhang Qian*et al.(作者:黄晓伊、赵敏芝*、张倩*) (IF:2.613)

Analysis of Salivary Exosomal Proteins Analysis in Young Adults with Severe Periodontitis

Oral diseases  2020-01-01

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New series of surgical design for anterior maxillary reconstruction with deep circumflex iliac artery flap

Head and neck-journal for the sciences and specialties of the head and neck  2020-11-05

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Scoring system for selective tracheostomy in head and neck surgery with free flap reconstruction

Head and neck-journal for the sciences and specialties of the head and neck  2020-03-05

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Disruption of tight junction structure contributes to secretory dysfunction in IgG4related sialadenitis

Journal of molecular histology  2020-02-01

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Modified minimally invasive surgical technique plus Bio-Oss® Collagen for regenerative therapy of isolated interdental intrabony defects: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

BMJ Open  44175

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Identifying heterogeneity in the risk factors of dental caries status in Chinese adolescents using Poisson mixture regression

BMJ Open  2020-10-26

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Hypermethylated PAX1 and ZNF582 genes in the tissue sample are associated with aggressive progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Journal of oral pathology & medicine  2020-05-19

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Treatment Strategy of Hilar and Intraglandular Stones in Wharton’s Duct: A 12-Year Experience

Laryngoscope  2020-10-01

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Effect of tooth preparation design on marginal adaptation of composite resin CAD-CAM onlays

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-07-01

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Comparison of technical, biological, and esthetic parameters of ceramic and metal-ceramic implant supported fixed dental prostheses: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-07-01

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Functionally suitable digital removable complete dentures: A dental technique

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-06-01

143、Ren Shuxin ,Wei Shaolin*et al.(作者:任抒欣、Wei-Shao Lin*) (IF:2.444)

Accuracy of virtual interocclusal records for partially edentulous patients

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-06-01

144、Chen Li ,Yang Zhen ,Wei Shaolin*et al.(作者:陈立、杨振、Wei-Shao Lin*) (IF:2.444)

CAD-CAM titanium preparation template for the socket-shield technique

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-05-01

145、Ye Hongqiang ,Wang Guanbo ,Zhou Yongsheng *et al.(作者:叶红强、王冠博、周永胜*) (IF:2.444)

Four-dimensional digital prediction of esthetic outcome and digital implementation for rehabilitation in the esthetic zone

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-04-01

146、Li Rong,Shen Zhijian *,Sun Yuchun *et al.(作者:李榕、沈志坚*、孙玉春*) (IF:2.444)

Three-dimensional trueness and margin quality of monolithic zirconia restorations fabricated by additive 3D gel deposition

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-02-28

147、Cui Xinyue ,Wang Xinzhi *et al.(作者:崔新悦、王新知*) (IF:2.444)

Esthetic appearances of anatomic contour zirconia crowns made by additive wet deposition and subtractive dry milling: A self-controlled clinical trial

Journal of prosthetic dentistry  2020-02-25

148、Zhao Mingyu ,Liu Guanqi ,Han Jianmin *,Tan Chengwen *,Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:赵明宇、刘冠旗、韩建民*、谭成文*、郭传瑸*) (IF:2.436)

Degradation behavior, transport mechanism and osteogenic activity of Mg-Zn-RE alloy membranes in critical sized rat calvarial defects

Coatings  2020-05-22

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Diagnostic utility of submandibular and labial salivary gland biopsy in IgG4-related sialadenitis

Clinical rheumatology  2020-05-26

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Orbital floor symmetry after maxillectomy and orbital floor reconstruction with individual titanium mesh using computer-assisted navigation

Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery  2020-01-09

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Measurements of the gingival papillae architecture using cone-beam computed tomography in young Chinese adults

Peer J  2020-09-23

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The association of EGF rs2237051 variant, serum EGF levels and generalized aggressive periodontitis: a preliminary study

Peer J  2020-05-19

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Mutant dlx3b disturbs normal tooth mineralization and bone formation in zebrafish

Peer J  2020-02-19

154、Li Jing ,Zhang Jianguo *et al.(作者:李敬、张建国*) (IF:2.355)

Efficacy of surgery combined with postoperative 125I interstitial brachytherapy for treatment of acinic cell carcinoma of the parotid gland in children and adolescents

Pediatric blood & cancer  2020-07-01

155、Lv Longwei,Zhou Yongsheng *et al.(作者:吕珑薇、周永胜*) (IF:2.304)

Extracellular vesicles as a novel therapeutic tool for cell-free regenerative medicine in oral rehabilitation

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-11-02

156、Hu Xinyi,Liu Xuejiao,Zhang Ping *et al.(作者:胡心怡、刘学姣、张萍*) (IF:2.304)

UNC-5 netrin receptor B regulates adipogenesis of human adipose-derived stem cells through JNK pathway

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-11-02

157、Wang Yang ,Xie Qiu Fei *et al.(作者:王洋、谢秋菲*) (IF:2.304)

Assessment of somatosensory changes in Chinese temporomandibular disorders arthralgia patients by quantitative sensory testing

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-10-10

158、Wang Shimin ,Liu Yunsong *et al.(作者:王时敏、刘云松*) (IF:2.304)

Preliminary clinical evaluation of traditional and a new digital PEEK occlusal splints for the management of sleep bruxism

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-10-01

159、Feng Shiyang ,Fu Kai Yuan *,Lei Jie *et al.(作者:冯诗阳、傅开元*、雷杰*) (IF:2.304)

Increased chemokine RANTES in synovial fluid and its role in early-stage degenerative temporomandibular joint disease

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-09-01

160、Zhang Minjuan ,Fu Kaiyuan *et al.(作者:张敏娟、傅开元*) (IF:2.304)

Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the Fonseca anamnestic index for temporomandibular disorders

journal of oral rehabilitation  2020-03-01

161、Wang Siyi ,Liu Yunsong *,Sun Yuchun *et al.(作者:王思仪、刘云松*、孙玉春*) (IF:2.276)

Fabrication and Application of a 3D-Printed Poly-epsilon-Caprolactone Cage Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering

Biomed research international  2020-01-30

162、Wei Pan ,Chen Feng *,Hua Hong *et al.(作者:魏攀、陈峰*、华红*) (IF:2.190)

Proteomics-based analysis indicating α-enolase as a potential biomarker in primary Sjögren's syndrome

Gland Surgery  2020-12-24

163、Xu Xiaoxiang ,Cao Ye*et al.(作者:徐啸翔、曹烨*) (IF:2.187)

Effect of a Standardized Training with Digital Evaluation on the Improvement of Prosthodontic Faculty's Performance in Crown Preparation: A Pre-Post Design

Journal of Prosthodontics-Implant Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry  2020-06-30

164、Zhang Haoyu ,Jiang Ting*et al.(作者:张皓羽、姜婷*) (IF:2.187)

Comparison of fracture load and surface wear of microhybrid composite and ceramic occlusal veneers

Journal of Prosthodontics-Implant Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry  2020-02-29

165、Bi Ruiyun,Ding Yun *,Gan Yehua *et al.(作者:毕瑞芸、丁云*、甘业华*) (IF:2.153)

Progesterone Attenuates Allodynia of Inflamed Temporomandibular Joint through Modulating Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel 1.7 in Trigeminal Ganglion

Pain Research & Management  2020-07-26

166、Xu Mengru ,Xu Tao*,Si Yan *et al.(作者:许梦茹、徐韬*、司燕*) (IF:2.135)

Factors associated with oral health service utilization among adults and older adults in China, 2015‐2016

Community dentistry and oral epidemiology  2020-02-03

167、Yang Guoyong ,Yang Guoyong *et al.(作者:杨国勇、杨国勇*) (IF:2.11)

Prevention of Nasal Ala Pressure Injuries With Use of Hydroactive Dressings in Patients With Nasotracheal Intubation of Orthognathic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing  2020-07-07

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Analysis of pediatric maxillofacial trauma in North China: Epidemiology, pattern, and management

Injury-international journal of the care of the injured  44167

169、Wei Tai ,Zhang Zuyan *et al.(作者:魏泰、张祖燕*) (IF:2.100)

Circular RNA expression profiling identifies specific circular RNAs in tongue squamous cell carcinoma

Molecular medicine reports  2020-04-01

170、Zhou Wei ,An Jin Gang *et al.(作者:周伟、安金刚*) (IF:2.068)

Combined reconstruction plate fixation and submandibular gland translocation for the management of medication-related osteonecrosis of the mandible

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  44166

171、Jie Bimeng,He Yang *et al.(作者:揭璧朦、贺洋*) (IF:2.068)

Post-traumatic maxillofacial reconstruction with vascularized flaps and digital techniques: 10-year experience

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-11-05

172、Zhao Xuezhu ,Tang Zhihui *et al.(作者:赵雪竹、唐志辉*) (IF:2.068)

Staged horizontal bone augmentation for dental implants in aesthetic zones: A prospective randomized controlled clinical trial comparing a half-columnar bone block harvested from the ramus versus a rectangular bone block from the symphysis

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-10-30

173、Sun Qian ,Peng Xin*et al.(作者:孙乾、彭歆*) (IF:2.068)

Does the Brown classification of maxillectomy defects have prognostic prediction for patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma involving the maxilla?

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-08-07

174、Liu Yishu,Fu Kai Yuan *et al.(作者:刘乙澍、傅开元*) (IF:2.068)

Association between hypoplastic condyles and temporomandibular joint disc displacements: a cone beam computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging metrical analysis

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-07-01

175、Wang Dandan ,Guo Chuanbin*,Meng Juanhong *et al.(作者:王丹丹、郭传瑸*、孟娟红*) (IF:2.068)

Clinical and immunohistochemical analysis of diffuse tenosynovial giant cell tumour of the temporomandibular joint

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-07-01

176、Lei Jie ,Fu Kaiyuan *et al.(作者:雷杰、傅开元*) (IF:2.068)

Clinical protocol for managing acute disc displacement without reduction: a magnetic resonance imaging evaluation

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-03-01

177、Liu Meng ,Zhang Yi *et al.(作者:刘梦、张益*) (IF:2.068)

Outcomes of anterior disc displacement and condylar remodeling for sagittal fracture of the mandibular condyle in children after closed treatment

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-01-01

178、Huang Yan ,Yu Guangyan *,Xiang Ruolan *et al.(作者:黄燕、俞光岩*、向若兰*) (IF:2.013)

Disruption of tight junctions contributes to hyposalivation of salivary glands in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes

Journal of anatomy  2020-03-24

179、Li Wenjun ,Lv Peijun *et al.(作者:李文君、吕培军*) (IF:2.000)

In vivo evaluation of bending strengths and degradation rates of different magnesium pin designs for oral stapler

Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials  2020-12-30

180、Hu Xinnong ,Gu Yan *et al.(作者:胡鑫浓、谷岩*) (IF:1.960)

Assessment of buccal and lingual alveolar bone thickness and buccolingual inclination of maxillary posterior teeth in patients with severe skeletal Class III malocclusion with mandibular asymmetry

American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics  2020-04-15

181、Qin Yifei ,Xu Tianmin *et al.(作者:秦一飞、许天民*) (IF:1.918)

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Maxillary Sinus Wall and Maxillary Canines and Posterior Teeth Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Medical science monitor  2020-08-05

182、Liang Shanshan,Yuan Fusong *et al.(作者:梁姗姗、原福松*) (IF:1.918)

Method for accurately preparing cavities on cortical bones using picosecond laser

Photobiomodulation Photomedicine and Laser Surgery  2020-04-27

183、Zhu Yujia ,Wang Yong *,Zhao Yijiao*et al.(作者:朱玉佳、王勇*、赵一姣*) (IF:1.911)

A novel method for 3D face symmetry reference plane based on weighted Procrustes analysis algorithm

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Accuracy of implant surgical guides fabricated using computer numerical control milling for edentulous jaws: a pilot clinical trial

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Computer-aided three-dimensional assessment of periodontal healing distal to the mandibular second molar after coronectomy of the mandibular third molar: a prospective study

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Computer-aided design of polyetheretherketone for application to removable pediatric space maintainers

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Effects of two peroxide enzymatic denture cleaners on Candida albicans biofilms and denture surface

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Thickness change of masseter muscles and the surrounding soft tissues in female patients during orthodontic treatment: a retrospective study

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The three-dimensional stable mandibular landmarks in patients between the ages of 12.5 and 17.1 years

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3D assessment of mandibular skeletal effects produced by the Herbst appliance

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Deep learning-based dental plaque detection on primary teeth: a comparison with clinical assessments

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Preliminary comparison of three-dimensional reconstructed palatal morphology in subjects with different sagittal and vertical patterns

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Utilization of dental services and associated factors among preschool children in China

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Comparison of peri-implant submucosal microbiota in arches with zirconia or titanium implant-supported fixed complete dental prostheses: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Trials  2020-11-27

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Clinical evaluation of ultrasonic subgingival debridement versus ultrasonic subgingival scaling combined with manual root planing in the treatment of periodontitis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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The application and accuracy of feature matching on automated cephalometric superimposition

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Accuracy of multimodal image fusion for oral and maxillofacial tumors: A revised evaluation method and its application

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Diagnostic value of navigation-guided core needle biopsy in deep regions of the head and neck with focal FDG uptake on 18 F-FDG PET/CT

Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery  2020-05-01

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Evaluating the remodeling of condyles reconstructed by transport distraction osteogenesis in the treatment of temporomandibular joint ankylosis

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Postoperative outcomes of adult patients with sagittal fractures of mandibular condyle: Quantitative evaluation and retrospective factor analysis

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Improvement of the patient early mobilization protocol after oral and maxillofacial free flap reconstruction surgery

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MR imaging as a precise technique to evaluate skull-base tumor volume: Comparison of CT, MR imaging and FDG PET from murine and clinical data

Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery  2020-01-01

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A preliminary study on a tooth preparation robot

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The application potential of self-glazed zirconia crowns confirmed by easy grinding and polishing of the enamel-like surface

Advances in applied ceramics  2020-08-01

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Effect of monocalcium phosphate on the physical, chemical, mechanical and biological properties of calcium silicate cement: an in vitro study

Advances in applied ceramics  2020-07-31

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Marginal adaptation of different hybrid ceramic inlays after thermal cycling

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Preliminary evaluates of silica/β-TCP/PLGA microspheres for dentin regeneration in vivo

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Three-dimensional accuracy of bone contouring surgery for zygomaticomaxillary fibrous dysplasia using virtual planning and surgical navigation

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-07-31

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Factors Affecting Volume Change of Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Head and Neck Defect Reconstruction

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-06-09

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Regarding "Mandibular Reconstruction with A Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery Flap Using Computer-assisted and Intraoral Anastomosis Techniques'' Reply

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-06-08

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Double-Barrel Fibula Flap Versus Vascularized Iliac Crest Flap for Mandibular Reconstruction

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-05-05

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Regeneration of the Neocondyle After Free Fibular Flap Reconstruction of the Mandibular Condyle

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Three-Dimensional Dynamic Analysis of the Facial Movement Symmetry of Skeletal Class III Patients With Facial Asymmetry

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-02-01

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Subcutaneous Injection of Hyaluronic Acid to Decrease Acute Skin Toxicity After Adjuvant Interstitial Brachytherapy in Parotid Gland Cancer Patients: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery  2020-01-01

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Effects of MTA and Brazilian propolis on the biological properties of dental pulp cells

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Potential biological damage of human peripheral blood lymphocytes induced by computed tomography examination of the oromaxillofacial region

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Application of pamidronate disodium for the treatment of diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis of the mandible: A clinical study

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Comparison of 2-and 3-dimensional radiologic evaluation of secondary alveolar bone grafting of clefts: a systematic review

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Accuracy of 18F-FDG PET/CT in Detection of Neck Metastases of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Patients Without Large Palpable Lymph Nodes

Oral Surgery Oral medicine oral pathology oral radiology  2020-04-20

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The BRAF p.V600E mutation is a common event in ameloblastomas but is absent in odontogenic keratocysts

Oral Surgery Oral medicine oral pathology oral radiology  2020-03-01

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Extracapsular dissection via sternocleidomastoid muscle–parotid space approach—a new operative technique for treating clinically benign tumor in the parotid tail

Oral Surgery Oral medicine oral pathology oral radiology  2020-02-01

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Facial Morphological Changes Following Denture Treatment in Children with Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

Pediatric dentistry  2020-07-01

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Multifactor analysis of patients with oral sensory complaints in a case-control study

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Influence of local anesthesia on the outcomes of non-surgical periodontal treatment

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Three-Dimensional Graphene Oxide-Supported Zinc Oxide Scaffold as a High-Efficiency Adsorbent for Desulfurization

NANO  2020-05-22

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Measuring the subgingival microbiota in periodontitis patients: Comparison of the surface layer and the underlying layers

Microbiology and immunology  2020-02-01

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Integration of digital maxillary dental casts with 3D facial images in orthodontic patients: A three-dimensional validation study

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Machine learning in orthodontics: Introducing a 3D auto-segmentation and auto-landmark finder of CBCT images to assess maxillary constriction in unilateral impacted canine patients

Angle orthodontist  2020-02-17

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The effect of partial pulpotomy with iRoot BP Plus in truamatized immature permanent teeth: A randomized prospective controlled trial

Dental traumatology  2020-05-01

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Clinical outcomes of 79 traumatically intruded permanent teeth in Chinese children and adolescents A retrospective study

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Analysis of the Salivary Microbiome in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Patients

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Periodontal Effect of Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics in Skeletal Angle Class III: A Nonrandomized, Controlled Trial

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Accuracy of a Novel Virtual Articulator for Recording Three-Dimensional Dentition

International journal of prosthodontics  2020-07-01

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Preliminary Clinical Application of Complete Workflow of Digitally Designed and Manufactured Sports Mouthguards

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Influence of Different Cements on the Color Outcomes of Titanium-Based Lithium Disilicate All-Ceramic Crowns and Peri-implant Soft Tissue

International journal of prosthodontics  2020-01-09

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The evaluation of the desensitization effect of a desensitizing agent and desensitizing toothpastes in vitro

Dental materials journal  44166

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Effect of central retainer shape and abduction angle during preparation of teeth on dentin and cement layer stress distributions in endocrown-restored mandibular molars

Dental materials journal  2020-06-05

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Validation of the Oral Health Impact on Daily Life Questionnaire (OHIDL) among Hong Kong older adults

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Pathogenesis of traumatic temporomandibular joint ankylosis: a narrative review

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Correlations between objective measurements and subjective evaluations of facial profile after orthodontic treatment

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Automatic drawing of customized removable partial denture diagrams based on textual design for the clinical decision support system

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Posteroanterior cephalometric analysis of White-American and Chinese adolescents: a cross-sectional study

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Advanced osteoradionecrosis of the maxilla: a 15-year, single-institution experience of surgical management

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Involvement of the submandibular gland in oral squamous cell carcinoma patients with positive lymph nodes

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Analysis of transcriptome in Enterococcus faecalis treated with silver nanoparticles

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Six cases of central cystadenocarcinoma and review of relevant papers

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Clinicopathological study of involvement of the submandibular gland in oral squamous cell carcinoma

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Impact of COVID-19 epidemic on live online dental continuing education

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The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the utilization of emergency dental services

Journal of Dental Sciences  44166

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Seven-year follow-up of the nonsurgical expansion of maxillary and mandibular arches in a young adult: A case report

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Biomechanical comparison between the custom-made mandibular condyle prosthesis and total temporomandibular joint prosthesis in finite element analysis

Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics  2020-12-31

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Selection of Guiding Plate Combined With Surgical Navigation for Microsurgical Mandibular Reconstruction

Journal of craniofacial surgery  2020-06-05

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Application of Computer-Aided Navigation Technology in the Extraction of Foreign Body From the Face

Journal of craniofacial surgery  2020-03-30

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Impact of Periodonto-pathogenic Microbiota and Sociodemographic Variables on Periodontal Status during Pregnancy and Postpartum Period

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Laser medical image reconstruction and computer aided design of polymethyl methacrylate for pediatric removable space maintainer applications

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Research on a Segmentation and Evaluation Method Combining Tooth Morphology Features

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