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1Guo Yaru, Ma Siqin, Xu Mingming, Chen Lili*, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:郭亚茹、马驷骎、徐明明、陈莉莉*、邓旭亮*) (IF:18.808)

HtrA3-Mediated Endothelial Cell–Extracellular Matrix  Crosstalk Regulates Tip Cell Specification

Advanced functional materials 2021-07

2Wang Dandan, Xia Bin*, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:王丹丹、夏斌*、邓旭亮*) (IF:16.806)

Cell Membrane Vesicles with Enriched CXCR4 Display Enhances Their Targeted Delivery as Drug Carriers to Inflammatory Sites

Advanced Science 2021-12


3Jiang Shengjie, Li Hui, Wei Yan*, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:江圣杰、李辉、卫彦*、邓旭亮*) (IF:16.806)

The Dynamic Counterbalance of RAC1-YAP/OB-Cadherin Coordinates Tissue Spreading with Stem Cell Fate Patterning

Advanced Science 2021-05


4Liu Xinyu, Gao Weiping*.(作者:刘欣宇、高卫平*) (IF:15.336)

Precision Conjugation: An Emerging Tool for Generating Protein‐Polymer Conjugates



5Wang Yu, Liu Yan*et al.(作者:王禹、刘燕*) (IF:14.919)

Functional regeneration and repair of tendons using biomimetic scaffolds loaded with recombinant periostin.

Nature Communications 2021-02


6Kui Fangqiao, Sun Xiangyu, Gao Yufeng, Dou Haoyu, Qin Junjie*, Chen Feng*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:隗芳乔、孙翔宇、高玉峰、窦浩宇、覃俊杰*、陈峰*、郑树国*) (IF:14.870)

Is oral microbiome of children able to maintain resistance and functional stability in response to short-term interference of ingesta?

Protein & cell 2021-06


7Guo Yaru, Chen Lili*, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:郭亚茹、陈莉莉*、邓旭亮*) (IF:14.593)

Matrix stiffness modulates tip cell formation through the p-PXN-Rac1-YAP  signaling axis

Bioactive Materials 2021-06


8Xia Dandan, Yang Fan, Zheng Yufeng*, Liu Yunsong*et al.(作者:夏丹丹、杨帆、郑玉峰*、刘云松*) (IF:14.593)

Research status of biodegradable metals designed for oral and maxillofacial applications:  A review

Bioactive Materials 2021-11


9Xiao Zuohui, Huang Chenyan, Jiang Shengjie, Wei Yan*et al.(作者:肖作慧、黄晨燕、江圣杰、卫彦*) (IF:14.188)

Ultra-Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Bio-Fluid Biopsy for Oral Cancer Screening

Small Methods 2021-05


10Huang Wenjin, Zhang Xuehui, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:皇文进、张学慧、邓旭亮*) (IF:9.261)

An overview of signaling pathways regulating YAP/TAZ activity

Cellular and molecular life sciences 2021-01


11Teng Binhong, Wei Shicheng*et al.(作者:滕彬宏、魏世成*) (IF:8.947)

A chondrogenesis induction system based on a functionalized hyaluronic acid hydrogel sequentially promoting hMSC proliferation, condensation, differentiation, and matrix deposition

Acta biomaterialia 2021-03

12Du Yangge, Zhang Ping*, Zhou Yongsheng*et al.(作者:杜杨格、张萍*、周永胜*) (IF:8.807)

CDC20 promotes bone formation via APC/C dependent ubiquitination and degradation of p65.



13Jiao Jian, Jing Modi, Meng Huanxin*, Wang Xing*et al.(作者:焦剑、靖无敌、孟焕新*、王兴*) (IF:8.728)

The prevalence and severity of periodontal disease in Mainland China: Data from the Fourth National Oral Health Survey (2015-2016)

Journal of clinical periodontology 2021-02


14Zhang Liutao, Yu Miao, Han Dong*et al.(作者:张刘陶、余淼、韩冬*) (IF:8.617)

Rare phenotype Hand preaxial polydactyly associated with LRP6-related tooth agenesis in humans

npj Genomic Medicine 2021-11


15Ceng Minmin et al. (作者:曾岷玟) (IF:8.545)

Cascaded convolutional networks for automatic cephalometric landmark detection



16Li Qingxiang, Wang Lin*et al.(作者:李庆祥、王琳*) (IF:8.110)

Oral administration of Bifidobacterium breve promotes antitumor efficacy via dendritic cells-derived interleukin 12

OncoImmunology 2021-01

17Wu Zongxi, Li Qing*, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:吴宗熙、李箐*、蔡志刚*) (IF:7.328)

Biocompatibility evaluation of a 3D-bioprinted alginate-GelMA-bacteria nanocellulose (BNC) scaffold laden with oriented-growth RSC96 cells

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications 2021-08


18Wang Mingyue, Wang Chenxi, Zhang Yu*, Lin Ye*et al.(作者:王明月、王晨曦、张宇*、林野*) (IF:7.328)

Controlled release of dopamine coatings on titanium bidirectionally regulate osteoclastic and osteogenic response behaviors

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications 2021-08


19Liu Yanping, Cheng Xian, Di Ping*, Lin Ye*et al.(作者:刘焱萍、程岘、邸萍*、林野*) (IF:7.328)

Micro-arc oxidation-assisted sol-gel preparation of calcium metaphosphate coatings on magnesium alloys for bone repair

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications 2021-10


20Liu Yanping, Di Ping*, Lin Ye*et al.(作者:刘焱萍、邸萍*、林野*) (IF:7.328)

MiR-181d-5p Regulates Implant Surface Roughness-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications 2021-02


21Yang Yang, Zheng Miao, Li Heping*, Tan Jianguo*et al.(作者:杨洋、郑苗、李和平*、谭建国*) (IF:7.328)

Time-dependent reactive oxygen species inhibit Streptococcus mutans growth on zirconia after a helium cold atmospheric plasma treatment

Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications 2021-01


22Zhong Wenjie, Zhao Huaxiang, Gulibaha Maimaitili*, Chen Feng*, Lin Jiuxiang*et al.(作者:钟雯婕、赵华翔、Gulibaha Maimaitili*、陈峰*、林久祥*) (IF:7.103)

Identification of rare PTCH1 nonsense variant causing orofacial cleft in a Chinese family and an up-to-date genotype-phenotype analysis

Genes & Diseases 2021-09


23Yang Yuhui, Huang Yiping, Li Weiran*et al.(作者:杨雨卉、黄一平、李巍然*) (IF:6.993)

Compressive force regulates cementoblast migration via downregulation of autophagy

Journal of periodontology 2021-11


24Lu Ruifang, Meng Huanxin*et al.(作者:路瑞芳、孟焕新*) (IF:6.993)

Elevated neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio but not platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio is associated with generalized aggressive periodontitis in a Chinese population

Journal of periodontology 2021-04


25Zhang Churen, Liu Kaining*, Hou Jianxia*.(作者:张楚人、刘凯宁*、侯建霞*) (IF:6.993)

Extending the vitamin D pathway to vitamin D3 and CYP27A1 in periodontal ligament cells

Journal of periodontology 2021-07


26Qiu Shanchong, Pei Xiyan, Ouyang Xiangying*et al.(作者:邱善涌、裴喜燕、欧阳翔英*) (IF:6.993)

Natural progression of periodontal diseases in Chinese villagers based on the 2018 classification

Journal of periodontology 2021-09

27Liu Kaining, Chen Zhibin*, Han Bing*et al.(作者:刘凯宁、陈智滨*、韩冰*) (IF:6.993)

Treatment of periodontal intrabony defects using bovine porous bone mineral and guided tissue regeneration with/without platelet-rich fibrin: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Journal of periodontology 2021-11


28Deng Jie, Hu Tianmin*et al.(作者:邓婕、许天民*) (IF:6.922)

A Novel Modified-Curcumin Promotes Resolvin-Like Activity and Reduces Bone Loss in Diabetes-Induced Experimental Periodontitis

Journal of Inflammation Research 2021-10


29Ceng Wenmin, Yu Xiaoqian*, Su Li*et al.(作者:曾文敏、于晓潜*、苏黎*) (IF:6.922)

B-Cell Deficiency Exacerbates Inflammation and Bone Loss in Ligature-Induced Experimental Periodontitis in Mice

Journal of Inflammation Research 2021-10


30Fan Cong et al. (作者:范聪) (IF:6.832)

A NOTCH1/LSD1/BMP2 co-regulatory network mediated by miR-137 negatively regulates osteogenesis of human adipose-derived stem cells

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2021-07


31Xin Tianyi, Han Bing*, Yang Ruili*et al.(作者:辛天艺、韩冰*、杨瑞莉*) (IF:6.832)

A novel mutation of SATB2 inhibits odontogenesis of human dental pulp stem cells through Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2021-12

32Liu Xuenan, Lian Xiaomin, Zhang Ping*, Liu Yunsong*et al.(作者:刘雪楠、连晓敏、张萍*、刘云松*) (IF:6.832)

Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C1 regulates the osteogenic differentiation of human ASCs by targeting the progesterone receptor

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2021-07


33Li Boya, Xing Yixiao, He Jing*, Hua Hong*et al.(作者:李博亚、邢艺晓、何菁*、华红*) (IF:6.832)

Labial gland-derived mesenchymal stem cells and their exosomes ameliorate murine Sjogren's syndrome by modulating the balance of Treg and Th17 cells

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2021-08


34Wang Siyi, Liu Yunsong*et al.(作者:王思仪、刘云松*) (IF:6.832)

The impact of Zn-doped synthetic polymer materials on bone regeneration: a systematic review

Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2021-02


35Jiang Yuhe, Lv Longwei*, Zhou Yongsheng*et al.(作者:江雨荷、吕珑薇*、周永胜*) (IF:6.831)

Advances in mesenchymal stem cell transplantation for the treatment of osteoporosis



36Dong Xian, He Linhai, Zhang Yi*, Xiao E*et al.(作者:董仙、何临海、张益*、肖锷*) (IF:6.684)

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Promote Bone Coupling in Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw by TGF-beta 1

frontiers in cell and developmental biology 2021-05


37Jiang Nan, He Danqing, Wei Huajie*, Liu Yan*et al.(作者:蒋楠、何丹青、尉华杰*、刘燕*) (IF:6.684)

Force-induced autophagy in periodontal ligament stem cells modulates M1 macrophage polarization via AKT signaling.

frontiers in cell and developmental biology 2021-05


38Huang Yiping, Li Weiran*et al.(作者:黄一平、李巍然*) (IF:6.684)

Long Non-coding RNA FER1L4 Mediates the Autophagy of Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells Under Orthodontic Compressive Force via AKT/FOXO3 Pathway

frontiers in cell and developmental biology 2021-02


39Huang Yan, Xiang Ruolan*, Yu Guangyan*et al.(作者:黄燕、向若兰*、俞光岩*) (IF:6.600)

High Glucose Reduces the Paracellular Permeability of the Submandibular Gland Epithelium via the MiR-22-3p/Sp1/claudin Pathway

Cells 2021-11


40Qu Linghan, Hong Xia, Wu Liling*, Yu Guangyan*et al.(作者:屈凌寒、洪霞、吴立玲*、俞光岩*) (IF:6.384)

C1q/tumor necrosis factor-related protein-6 attenuates TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis in salivary acinar cells via AMPK/SIRT1-modulated miR-34a-5p expression

Journal of cellular physiology 2021-08


41Ma Ming, Liu Lu, Shi Ruirui, Wang Jianbin*, Huang Yanyi*, Li Tiejun*et al.(作者:马明、刘璐、时瑞瑞、王建斌*、黄岩谊*、李铁军*) (IF:6.344)

Copy number alteration profiling facilitates differential diagnosis between ossifying fibroma and fibrous dysplasia of the jaws

International journal of oral science 2021-06


42Chen Yiming, Huang Ying*, Deng Xuliang*et al.(作者:陈一铭、黄颖*、邓旭亮*) (IF:6.344)

External cervical resorption-a review of pathogenesis and potential predisposing factors

International journal of oral science 2021-06


43Zheng Jinglei, Yu Miao, Liu Xiang*, Han Dong*et al.(作者:郑静蕾、余淼、刘洋*、韩冬*) (IF:6.344)

Novel MSX1 variants identified in families with nonsyndromic oligodontia

International journal of oral science 2021-01


44Liu Xuejiao, Zhou Yongsheng*, Zhang Ping*et al.(作者:刘学姣、周永胜*、张萍*) (IF:6.277)

DUSP5 promotes osteogenic differentiation through SCP1/2-dependent phosphorylation of SMAD1

Stem cells 2021-10


45Gao Xiaolei, Zhao Na, Zhao Shuyan*, Ma Zeyun*et al.(作者:高晓磊、赵娜、赵曙炎*、马泽云*) (IF:6.244)

A novel lipid prognostic signature of ADCY2, LIPE and OLR1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Frontiers in oncology 2021-11


46Kang Yifan, Cai Zhigang*, Chan Xiaofeng*et al.(作者:康一帆、蔡志刚*、单小峰*) (IF:6.244)

Virtual Surgical Planning of Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery Flap for Midface Reconstruction

Frontiers in oncology 2021-09

47Xu Le, Ge Na*, Wang Yixiang*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:徐乐、葛娜*、王衣祥*、郭传瑸*) (IF:6.166)

m(6)A methyltransferase METTL3 promotes oral squamous cell carcinoma progression through enhancement of IGF2BP2-mediated SLC7A11 mRNA stability

American journal of cancer research 2021-11


48Yu Miao, Fan Zhuangzhuang, Liu Xiang*, Han Dong*et al.(作者:余淼、樊壮壮、刘洋*、韩冬*) (IF:6.116)

Lrp6 Dynamic Expression in Tooth Development and Mutations in Oligodontia

Journal of dental research 2021-04


49Yang Ruili et al. (作者:杨瑞莉) (IF:6.116)

Serine Metabolism Controls Dental Pulp Stem Cell Aging by Regulating the DNA Methylation of p16

Journal of dental research 2021-01


50Li Xiaotian, Liu Lu, Zhang Heyu*, Wang Jianbin*, Huang Yanyi*, Li Tiejun*et al.(作者:李笑甜、刘璐、张荷钰*、王建斌*、黄岩谊*、李铁军*) (IF:6.038)

Improvement in the risk assessment of oral leukoplakia through morphology-related copy number analysis

Science China-Life Sciences 2021-09


51Han Ziyao, Wei Yiping, Hu Wenjie*et al.(作者:韩子瑶、危伊萍、胡文杰*) (IF:5.977)

Clinical evaluations of free gingival grafting before implant placement to increase keratinized tissue width in molar regions: A retrospective case series

Clinical oral implants research 2021-07


52Guo Danni, Pan Shaoxia*et al.(作者:国丹妮、潘韶霞*) (IF:5.977)

The migration of neighboring and antagonist teeth three months after implant placement in healed single tooth-missing sites

Clinical oral implants research 2021-02


53Liu Yun, Zhang Xiaoyu*, Xie Qiufei*et al.(作者:刘云、张小玉*、谢秋菲*) (IF:5.924)

17 beta-Estradiol Exacerbated Experimental Occlusal Interference-Induced Chronic Masseter Hyperalgesia by Increasing the Neuronal Excitability and TRPV1 Function of Trigeminal Ganglion in Ovariectomized Rats

International journal of molecular sciences 2021-06


54Fu Xiaoyi, Liu Xi, Nie Qiong*, Meng Jingxin*et al.(作者:付肖依、刘熹、聂琼*、孟靖昕*) (IF:5.890)

Nickel-Catcher-Doped Zwitterionic Hydrogel Coating on Nickel–Titanium Alloy Toward Capture and Detection of Nickel Ions

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2021-06


55Li Peng, Jin Lijian*et al.(作者:李鹏、Lijian Jin*) (IF:5.640)

Proteomic Analysis of Caspofungin-Induced Responses in Planktonic Cells and Biofilms of Candida albicans

Frontiers in microbiology 2021-02


56Li Qingxiang, Guo Yuxing*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:李庆祥、郭玉兴*、郭传瑸*) (IF:5.474)

Porphyromonas, Treponema, and Mogibacterium promote IL8/IFN gamma/TNF alpha-based pro-inflammation in patients with medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw

Journal of oral microbiology 2021-01

57Zhao Die, Huang Yiping, Li Weiran*et al.(作者:赵昳、黄一平、李巍然*) (IF:5.443)

A Novel Tension Machine Promotes Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteoblastic and Fibroblastic Differentiation by Applying Cyclic Tension

Stem Cells International 2021-08


58Li Yaning, Xie Hongjiang, Zhou Yongsheng*et al.(作者:李娅宁、叶红强、周永胜*) (IF:5.428)

The Current Situation and Future Prospects of Simulators in Dental Education



59Cai Xinjia, Zhang Jianyun, Zhang Heyu*, Li Tiejun*et al.(作者:蔡鑫嘉、张建运、张荷钰*、李铁军*) (IF:5.337)

Development and validation of a nomogram prediction model for malignant transformation of oral potentially malignant disorders



60Zhang Ran, Li Tiejun*et al.(作者:张然、李铁军*) (IF:5.306)

Should the solid variant of odontogenic keratocyst and keratoameloblastoma be classified as the same entity? A clinicopathological analysis of nine cases and a review of the literature



61Chen Yanlong, Gao He*, Gao Xuemei*et al.(作者:陈延珑、高和*、高雪梅*) (IF:5.293)

Analysis of Salivary Microbiome and Its Association With Periodontitis in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 2021-12


62Lv Xin, Zheng Hui, Wang Xu, Zhang Heyu, Yan Zhimin*, Chen Feng*et al.(作者:吕欣、郑晖、王旭、张荷钰、闫志敏*、陈峰*) (IF:5.293)

Oral Microbiota Composition and Function Changes During Chronic Erythematous Candidiasis

Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 2021-08


63Diao Jing, Yuan Chao, Sun Xiangyu*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:刁婧、袁超、孙翔宇*、郑树国*) (IF:5.293)

Potential Roles of the Free Salivary Microbiome Dysbiosis in Periodontal Diseases

Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 2021-09


64Lin Fei, Fok A*et al.(作者:林斐、Fok A*) (IF:5.264)

Laboratory simulation of longitudinally cracked teeth using the step‐stress cyclic loading method

International endodontic journal 2021-09


65Li Jingyi, Wang Sainan*et al.(作者:李婧宜、王赛楠*) (IF:5.264)

Regeneration of pulp-dentine complex-like tissue in a rat experimental model under an inflammatory microenvironment using high phosphorous-containing bioactive glasses

International endodontic journal 2021-07


66Gu Shuyuan, Zhang Yanling, Yuan Chao*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:贾淑媛、张艳玲、袁超*、郑树国*) (IF:5.246)

Impact of the Glycemic Level on the Salivary Proteome of Middle-Aged and Elderly People With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Observational Study

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2021-12

67Han Zhenyuan, Zhuang Xiaodong, Yang Biao, Chen Shunjie*, Tian Zhen*et al.(作者:汉镇源、庄晓东、杨标、陈舜杰*、田臻*) (IF:5.246)

SYDE1 Acts as an Oncogene in Glioma and has Diagnostic and Prognostic Values

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2021-10


68Jie Weiping, Li Binbin*et al.(作者:揭伟萍、李斌斌*) (IF:5.093)

Multi-Site Tumour Sampling Improves the Detection of Intra-Tumour Heterogeneity in Oral and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Frontiers in Medicine 2021-05


69Zhang Yifan, Karan Gulati, Di Ping*, Liu Yan*et al.(作者:张一凡、Karan Gulati、邸萍*、刘燕*) (IF:5.076)

Dental Implant Nano-Engineering: Advances, Limitations and Future Directions

Nanomaterials 2021-09


70Fu Yu, Luo Dan*, Liu Yan*et al.(作者:付玉、罗聃*、刘燕*) (IF:5.076)

Novel inorganic nanomaterial-based therapy for bone tissue regeneration

Nanomaterials 2021-03


71Huang Yan, Yu Guangyan*, Xiang Ruolan*et al.(作者:黄燕、俞光岩*、向若兰*) (IF:5.037)

Long non-coding RNA and mRNA profile analysis in the parotid gland of mouse with type 2 diabetes.



72Xie Shang, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:谢尚、蔡志刚*) (IF:4.818)

Hyperion Image Analysis Depicts a Preliminary Landscape of Tumor Immune Microenvironment in OSCC with Lymph Node Metastasis

Journal of Immunology Research 2021-06


73Zhang Shengnan, An Na*, Ouyang Xiangying*et al.(作者:张胜男、安娜*、欧阳翔英*) (IF:4.818)

STAT1/SOCS1/3 Are Involved in the Inflammation-Regulating Effect of GAS6/AXL in Periodontal Ligament Cells Induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis Lipopolysaccharide In Vitro

Journal of Immunology Research 2021-10


74Liu Dandan, Zhang Chenying*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:刘丹丹、张趁英*、郑树国*) (IF:4.599)

An Exploration of Mutagenesis in a Family with Cleidocranial Dysplasia without RUNX2 Mutation

Frontiers in Genetics 2021-10


75Wang Xi, Li Binbin*.(作者:王玺、李斌斌*) (IF:4.599)

Deep Learning in Head-and-Neck Tumour Multi-omics Diagnosis and Analysis: Review of the Literature

Frontiers in Genetics 2021-02


76Li Qingxiang, Xu Le, Guo Yuxing*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:李庆祥、徐乐、郭玉兴*、郭传瑸*) (IF:4.599)

P2RY14 Is a Potential Biomarker of Tumor Microenvironment Immunomodulation and Favorable Prognosis in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer

Frontiers in Genetics 2021-07

77Xiang Dong, Lin Hong*et al.(作者:项东、林红*) (IF:4.527)

Dental zirconia fabricated by stereolithography: Accuracy, translucency and mechanical properties in different build orientations.

Ceramics international 2021-10


78Pu Yinfei, Li Qingxiang, Guo Yuxing*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:浦寅飞、李庆祥、郭玉兴*、郭传瑸*) (IF:4.430)

pERK-mediated IL8 secretion can enhance the migration, invasion, and cisplatin resistance of CD10-positive oral cancer cells

BMC cancer 2021-12


79Yang Yuhui, Huang Yiping*, Li Weiran*et al.(作者:杨雨卉、黄一平*、李巍然*) (IF:4.419)

Autophagy and its significance in periodontal disease

Journal of periodontal research 2021-01


80Song Danyang, Yang Sui, Ma Zeyun*, Wang Yixiang*, Wang Lei*et al.(作者:宋丹阳、杨随、马泽云*、王衣祥*、王磊*) (IF:4.419)

ODAM promotes junctional epithelium-related gene expression via activation of WNT1 signaling pathway in an ameloblast-like cell line ALC

Journal of periodontal research 2021-05


81Han Ye, Hou Jianxia*, Zhan Yalin*et al.(作者:韩烨、侯建霞*、詹雅琳*) (IF:4.419)

Pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6-induced hepcidin, a key mediator of periodontitis-related anemia of inflammation

Journal of periodontal research 2021-08

82You Pengyue, Liu Yuhua*et al.(作者:尤鹏越、刘玉华*) (IF:4.396)

Acellular pericardium: A naturally hierarchical, osteoconductive, and osteoinductive biomaterial for guided bone regeneration

Journal of biomedical materials research part A 2021-02


83Geng Haixia, Masatoshi Ando*et al.(作者:邢海霞、Masatoshi Ando*) (IF:4.379)

Detection and analyzing plane of non-cavitated approximal caries by cross-polarized optical coherence tomography (CP-OCT)

Journal of Dentistry 2021-07


84Zhang Wenqing, Yan Zhimin*et al.(作者:张文卿、闫志敏*) (IF:4.377)

Malignant Transformation and Treatment Recommendations of Chronic Hyperplastic Candidiasis- A Six-year Retrospective Cohort Study

MYCOSES 2021-09


85Sun Qiannan, Yu Tingting*, Chen Si*, Han Bing*et al.(作者:孙倩男、余婷婷*、陈斯*、韩冰*) (IF:4.329)

Recent Progress in Antimicrobial Strategies for Resin-Based Restoratives

Polymers 2021-05


86Xia Dandan, Liu Yunsong*, Xu Yongxiang*et al.(作者:夏丹丹、刘云松*、徐永祥*) (IF:4.329)

Redox/pH-Responsive Biodegradable Thiol-Hyaluronic Acid/Chitosan Charge-Reversal Nanocarriers for Triggered Drug Release

Polymers 2021-10


87Mei Mei, Qu Linghan, Su Guzeng*, Wu Liling*et al.(作者:梅梅、屈凌寒、苏家增*、吴立玲*) (IF:4.315)

CTRP3 promotes TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis and barrier dysfunction in salivary epithelial cells

Cellular signalling 2021-09


88Huang Guibin, Wang Sainan*, Dong Yanmei*et al.(作者:黄桂彬、王赛楠*、董艳梅*) (IF:4.282)

Gelatin/bioactive glass composite scaffold for promoting the migration and odontogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Polymer testing 2021-01


89He Wenxiu, Hua Hong*, Wei Pan*et al.(作者:何汶秀、华红*、魏攀*) (IF:4.253)

Direct immunofluorescence analysis of oral Tzanck smears for pemphigus vulgaris: A diagnostic test

Journal of oral pathology & medicine 2021-11


90Chen Yiming, Huang Ying*, Deng Xuliang*.(作者:陈一铭、黄颖*、邓旭亮*) (IF:4.171)

A Review of External Cervical Resorption

Journal of Endodontics 2021-06


91Zhang Lu, Wang Xiaoyan*.(作者:张路、王晓燕*) (IF:4.171)

Efficiency and Temperature Rise of File Ablation by Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminum-Perovskite Laser In Vitro

Journal of Endodontics 2021-06


92Zhang Mingming, Fang Gaofeng, Liang Yuhong*et al.(作者:张茗茗、方高峰、梁宇红*) (IF:4.171)

Four-year Outcome of Nonsurgical Root Canal Retreatment Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography: A Prospective Cohort Study

Journal of Endodontics 2021-03


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Bone Piezoelectricity-Mimicking Nanocomposite Membranes Enhance Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Amplifying Cell Adhesion and Actin Cytoskeleton

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 2021-06


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Strontium-Loaded Nanotubes of Ti–24Nb–4Zr–8Sn Alloys for Biomedical Implantation

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 2021-09

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EZH2 Promotes Extracellular Matrix Degradation via Nuclear Factor-kappa B (NF-kappa B) and p38 Signaling Pathways in Pulpitis

Inflammation 2021-10


96Yu Min, Han Fang*, Gao Xuemei*et al.(作者:于敏、韩芳*、高雪梅*) (IF:4.062)

Mandibular advancement device as treatment trial for catathrenia (nocturnal groaning)

Journal of clinical sleep medicine 2021-09


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Comparative Microbial Profiles of Caries and Black Extrinsic Tooth Stain in Primary Dentition

Caries research 2021-08


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Dental Caries Clusters among Adolescents in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in 2013: Implications for Proportionate Universalism

Caries research 2021-12


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Effects of rose bengal- and methylene blue-mediated potassium iodide-potentiated photodynamic therapy on Enterococcus faecalis: a comparative study.



100Hu Xiaocheng, Xing Yixiao, Liu Xiang*, Hua Hong*et al.(作者:胡晓晟、邢艺晓、刘洋*、华红*) (IF:4.005)

Association between cheilitis granulomatosa and odontogenic infections: A case-control study

Journal of Dermatology 2021-11


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Effect of Lycopene on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Growth by Inhibiting IGF1 Pathway

Cancer Management and Research 2021-01


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Baseline selection for evaluation of peri-implant soft tissue changes: a clinical trial

Annals of Translational Medicine 2021-10


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Developing a predictive risk score for perioperative blood transfusion: a retrospective study in patients with oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma undergoing free flap reconstruction surgery

Annals of Translational Medicine 2021-05


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The impact of autologous concentrated growth factors on the alveolar ridge preservation after posterior tooth extraction: A prospective,randomized controlled clinical trial

Clinical implant dentistry and related research 2021-08


105Li Rong, Sun Yuchun*et al.(作者:李榕、孙玉春*) (IF:3.902)

Performance of stereolithography and milling in fabricating monolithic zirconia crowns with different finish line designs



106Wu Huanhuan, Guo Yuan, Pu Yinfei, Tang Zhihui*et al.(作者:武欢欢、郭园、浦寅飞、唐志辉*) (IF:3.840)

Adiponectin inhibits lipoplysaccharide-induced inflammation and promotes osteogenesis in hPDLCs

Bioscience reports 2021-03


107Pang Liping, Wang Xiaoyan*, Zhang Zhichun*et al.(作者:逄丽萍、王晓燕*、张志春*) (IF:3.840)

KMT2D deficiency disturbs the proliferation and cell cycle activity of dental epithelial cell line (LS8) partially via Wnt signaling

Bioscience reports 2021-12


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Age-related differences in diagnostic categories, psychological states, and oral health-related quality of life of adult Temporomandibular Disorder patients

journal of oral rehabilitation 2021-04


109Li Linlin, Sun Yuchun*et al.(作者:李琳琳、孙玉春*) (IF:3.837)

Construction of virtual intercuspal occlusion: Considering tooth displacement

journal of oral rehabilitation 2021-06


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Immunomodulatory mechanism of Bacillus subtilis R0179 in RAW 264.7 cells against Candida albicans challenge

Microbial pathogenesis 2021-05


111Luo Ruochen, Zhao Yuming*, Cai Qing*et al.(作者:罗若晨、赵玉鸣*Cai Qing*) (IF:3.715)

Controlled co-delivery system of magnesium and lanthanum ions for vascularized bone regeneration

Biomedical materials 2021-10


112Wang Xing, Li Shufang, Liu Hongwei*.(作者:王兴、李淑芳、刘宏伟*) (IF:3.631)

Co-delivery of chitosan nanoparticles of 5-aminolevulinic acid and shGBAS for improving photodynamic therapy efficacy in oral squamous cell carcinomas

Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy 2021-02


113Li Bingjie, Fang Xin, Wei Pan*et al.(作者:李冰劼、方鑫、魏攀*) (IF:3.631)

Successful treatment of chronic hyperplastic candidiasis with 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy: A case report

Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy 2021-11


114Lv Wenxuan, Song Anying, Wei Yan*, Han Bing*et al.(作者:吕汶諠、宋广瀛、卫彦*、韩冰*) (IF:3.573)

Analysis of facial features and prediction of lip position in skeletal class III malocclusion adult patients undergoing surgical-orthodontic treatment

Clinical oral investigations 2021-09


115Adrian Ujinyap, Fu Kaiyuan*et al.(作者:Adrian Ujin Yap、傅开元*) (IF:3.573)

Comparison of emotional disturbance, sleep, and life quality in adult patients with painful Temporomandibular disorders of different origins

Clinical oral investigations 2021-06


116Chen Xiaoxian, Xia Bin*et al.(作者:陈小贤、夏斌*) (IF:3.573)

Comparison of indirect pulp treatment and iRoot BP Plus pulpotomy in primary teeth with extremely deep caries: a prospective randomized trial

Clinical oral investigations 2021-05


117Wang Yinghui, Li Gang*et al.(作者:王颖慧、李刚*) (IF:3.573)

Diagnostic efficacy of CBCT, MRI, and CBCT-MRI fused images in distinguishing articular disc calcification from loose body of temporomandibular joint

Clinical oral investigations 2021-04


118Xue Zhulin, Li Zili*et al.(作者:薛竹林、李自力*) (IF:3.573)

The Chinese version of Orthognathic Quality of Life Questionnaire (OQLQ-C): translation, reliability, and validity

Clinical oral investigations 2021-03


119Guan Xiaoyuan, Meng Huanxin*et al.(作者:关筱媛、孟焕新*) (IF:3.563)

A double-edged sword: Role of butyrate in the oral cavity and the gut

Molecular Oral Microbiology 2021-04


120Wang Mei, Liu Yuhua*et al.(作者:王梅、刘玉华*) (IF:3.512)

A Novel Bionic Extracellular Matrix Polymer Scaffold Enhanced by Calcium Silicate for Bone Tissue Engineering

ACS OMEGA 2021-12


121Sun Bohui, Xi Yulin, Lin Jiuxiang*, Li Xiangying*, Chen Feng*et al.(作者:孙博慧、习雨琳、林久祥*、李湘盈*、陈峰*) (IF:3.511)

A novel VEGFA mutation as a candidate for causing non-syndromic cleft lip and/or cleft palate

Oral diseases 2021-10


122Mao Qianying, Xiang Ruolan*, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:毛茜滢、向若兰*、蔡志刚*) (IF:3.511)

Aberrantly expressed lncRNAs and mRNAs after botulinum toxin type A inhibiting salivary secretion

Oral diseases 2021-07


123Wang Yifei, Li Qingxiang, Guo Yuxing*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:王逸飞、李庆祥、郭玉兴*、郭传瑸*) (IF:3.511)

Cancer stemness of CD10-positive cells regulated by Hedgehog pathway promotes the resistance to cisplatin in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Oral diseases 2021-09


124Wang Luming, Gan Yehua*.(作者:王鹿鸣、甘业华*) (IF:3.511)

Cancer-derived IgG involved in cisplatin resistance through PTP-BAS/Src/PDK1/AKT signaling pathway

Oral diseases 2021-04


125Sun Kai, Yu Miao, Liu Xiang*, Han Dong*et al.(作者:孙凯、余淼、刘洋*、韩冬*) (IF:3.511)

Functional study of novel PAX9 variants: The paired domain and non-syndromic oligodontia

Oral diseases 2021-09


126Han Yineng, Zheng Yunfei*, Li Weiran*et al.(作者:韩奕能、郑云飞*、李巍然*) (IF:3.511)

Mechanical force inhibited hPDLSCs proliferation with the downregulation of MIR31HG via DNA methylation

Oral diseases 2021-07


127Cao Ye, Fu Kaiyuan*et al.(作者:曹烨、傅开元*) (IF:3.511)

Subtypes of acute and chronic Temporomandibular disorders: Their relation to psychological and sleep impairments

Oral diseases 2021-09


128Adrian Ujinyap, Cao Ye, Fu Kaiyuan*et al.(作者:Adrian Ujin Yap、曹烨、傅开元*) (IF:3.492)

Temporomandibular Disorder severity and diagnostic groups: Their associations with sleep quality and impairments

Sleep medicine 2021-04


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A digital technique for splinting periodontally compromised mobile teeth in the mandibular anterior region

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-04


130Xie Hongjiang, Bai Hefei, Sun Yuchun*et al.(作者:叶红强、白鹤飞、孙玉春*) (IF:3.426)

A metal template for preparing guiding planes for removable partial dentures

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-10


131Liu Yanping, Di Ping*et al.(作者:刘焱萍、邸萍*) (IF:3.426)

A modified implant abutment holder fabricated with fused deposition modeling to improve the transfer process for implant-supported restorations

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-03

132Yang Zhen, Liu Mingyue, Tan Jianguo*et al.(作者:杨振、刘明月、谭建国*) (IF:3.426)

An auxiliary device for screw-retained fixed implant restorations which prevents extrusion of cement into screw-access openings

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-08


133Liu Yushu, Zhou Yongsheng*et al.(作者:柳玉树、周永胜*) (IF:3.426)

An open protocol for evaluating the accuracy of guided implant surgery by using digital casts

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-12


134Liu Yanping, Di Ping*et al.(作者:刘焱萍、邸萍*) (IF:3.426)

Effects of printing layer thickness on mechanical properties of 3D-printed custom trays

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-11


135Li Siyu, Liu Yihong*et al.(作者:李思雨、刘亦洪*) (IF:3.426)

Effects of surface treatments and abutment shades on the final color of high-translucency self-glazed zirconia crowns

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-12


136Xie Hongjiang, Wang Zixuan, Zhou Yongsheng*et al.(作者:叶红强、王子轩、周永胜*) (IF:3.426)

Fully digital workflow for the design and manufacture of prostheses for maxillectomy defects

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-08


137Yang Xu, Li Deli, Liu Xiaojiang*et al.(作者:杨旭(修复科)、李德利、刘晓强*) (IF:3.426)

Learner behaviors in synchronous online prosthodontic education during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-11


138Li Rong, Sun Yuchun*et al.(作者:李榕、孙玉春*) (IF:3.426)

Suitability of the triple-scan method with a dental laboratory scanner to assess the 3D adaptation of zirconia crowns

Journal of prosthetic dentistry 2021-04


139Zhuang Ziyao, Zheng Yunfei*et al.(作者:庄紫瑶、郑云飞*) (IF:3.396)

The emerging roles of circular RNAs in regulating the fate of stem cells



140Guo Zhigang, Bai Lin, Guan Xiaodong*et al.(作者:郭志刚、柏林、管晓东*) (IF:3.390)

Factors Associated with Free Medicine Use in Patients with Hypertension and Diabetes: A 4-Year Longitudinal Study on Full Coverage Policy for Essential Medicines in Taizhou, China

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021-11


141An Na, Oleh Andrukhov*et al.(作者:安娜、Oleh Andrukhov*) (IF:3.390)

Potential Suppressive Effect of Nicotine on the Inflammatory Response in Oral Epithelial Cells: An In Vitro Study

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021-01

142Wang Sainan, Dong Yanmei*et al.(作者:王赛楠、董艳梅*) (IF:3.383)

Dentin remineralization induced by nanobioactive glass in association with RGDS peptide

Materials Today Communications 2021-09


143Hu Mengru, Xu Tao*, Si Yan*et al.(作者:许梦茹、徐韬*、司燕*) (IF:3.383)

Measuring and decomposing socioeconomic-related inequality in the use of oral health services among Chinese adults

Community dentistry and oral epidemiology 2021-02


144Chang Qing, Gao Xiaoli, Xu Tao*, Si Yan*et al.(作者:常青、高小丽、徐韬*、司燕*) (IF:3.383)

Socioeconomic-related inequality in dental care utilization among preschool children in China

Community dentistry and oral epidemiology 2021-12


145Lei Jie, Fu Kaiyuan*et al.(作者:雷杰、傅开元*) (IF:3.383)

Temporomandibular disorder subtypes, emotional distress, impaired sleep, and oral health-related quality of life in Asian patients

Community dentistry and oral epidemiology 2021-12


146Guo Huaqiu, Bai Jie*et al.(作者:郭华秋、白洁*) (IF:3.333)

Epidemiology of maxillofacial soft tissue injuries in an oral emergency department in Beijing: A two-year retrospective study

Dental traumatology 2021-06

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Allergy-related sialodochitisa preliminary cohort study

Laryngoscope 2021-09


148Zhu Wenxuan, Liu Denggao*, Yu Guangyan*et al.(作者:朱文瑄、柳登高*、俞光岩*) (IF:3.325)

Eosinophilic Sialodochitis: A Type of Chronic Obstructive Sialadenitis Related to Allergy

Laryngoscope 2021-03


149Cheng Tong, Wang Likuan*et al.(作者:程彤、王立宽*) (IF:3.325)

In Response to Assessing the Performance of the Shikani Optical Stylet for Awake Nasal Intubation

Laryngoscope 2021-07


150Sun Gan, Peng Xin*et al.(作者:孙乾、彭歆*) (IF:3.325)

Long-term effect of individualized titanium mesh in orbital floor reconstruction after maxillectomy.

Laryngoscope 2021-10


151Cheng Tong, Wang Likuan*et al.(作者:程彤、王立宽*) (IF:3.325)

Shikani Optical Stylet for Awake Nasal Intubation in Patients Undergoing Head and Neck Surgery

Laryngoscope 2021-02


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Functional identification of a rare vascular endothelial growth factor a (VEGFA) variant associating with the nonsyndromic cleft lip with/without cleft palate

Bioengineered 2021-05


153Zhang Wenqing, Yan Zhimin*et al.(作者:张文卿、闫志敏*) (IF:3.161)

Effectiveness of photobiomodulation in the treatment of primary burning mouth syndrome-a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Lasers in medical science 2021-03


154Hu Menglong, Han Jianmin*et al.(作者:胡孟龙、韩建民*) (IF:3.161)

Network meta-analysis of the treatment efficacy of different lasers for peri-implantitis

Lasers in medical science 2021-04


155Lv Xiaoming, Zhang Jie*et al.(作者:吕晓鸣、张杰*) (IF:3.147)

New approach to an overlooked flap: Technique to augment venous drainage of the infrahyoid myocutaneous flap

Head and neck-journal for the sciences and specialties of the head and neck 2021-03


156Chen Huizhong, Hu Tianmin*et al.(作者:陈慧中、许天民*) (IF:3.075)

PASS versus MBT (TM) for evaluation of anchorage control in three-dimensional measurements: a randomized controlled trial

European journal of orthodontics 2021-02


157Mao Qianying, Xiang Ruolan*, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:毛茜滢、向若兰*、蔡志刚*) (IF:3.033)

MicroRNA-mRNA expression profiles and functional network after injection of botulinum toxin type A into submandibular glands

TOXICON 2021-08


158Zhu Lin, Li Jingyi, Dong Yanmei*.(作者:朱林、李婧宜、董艳梅*) (IF:2.984)

Effect of mesoporous bioactive glass on odontogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells

Peer J 2021-11


159Liu Kaining, Meng Huanxin*et al.(作者:刘凯宁、孟焕新*) (IF:2.984)

Expression of vitamin D 1 alpha-hydroxylase in human gingival fibroblasts in vivo

Peer J 2021-01


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Natural developing process of immunoglobulin G4-related sialadenitis after submandibular gland excision: a retrospective cohort study

Clinical rheumatology 2021-12


161Xie Shang, Li Zimeng, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:谢尚、李梓萌、蔡志刚*) (IF:2.953)

Congenital bilateral ectopic parotid glands: case report and systematic review of the literatures

Gland Surgery 2021-03


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Dental disease detection on periapical radiographs based on deep convolutional neural networks

International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 2021-04


163Wang Xiaodong et al. (作者:王晓东) (IF:2.863)

Propofol improves brain injury induced by chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in rats

Food Science & Nutrition 2021-06


164Duan Denghui, Wang Enbo*et al.(作者:段登辉、王恩博*) (IF:2.804)

Alveolar Ridge Preservation in Severely Damaged Molar  Socket Using a Polylactic Acid Membrane Without Primary  Wound Closure: A Case Series



165Ding Mengkun, Cai Zhigang*et al.(作者:丁梦坤、蔡志刚*) (IF:2.789)

Detection of facial landmarks by a convolutional neural network in patients with oral and maxillofacial disease

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-11


166Zhu Wenxuan, Chen Yan*, Yu Guangyan*et al.(作者:朱文瑄、陈艳*、俞光岩*) (IF:2.789)

Differential diagnosis of immunoglobulin G4-related sialadenitis and Kimura’s disease of the salivary gland: a comparative case series

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-04


167Guo Yuxing, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:郭玉兴、郭传瑸*) (IF:2.789)

Enhancement of bone perfusion through cortical perforations to improve healing of medication- related osteonecrosis of the jaw: a retrospective study

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-06


168Sun Rui, Peng Xin*et al.(作者:孙睿、彭歆*) (IF:2.789)

Evaluation of DNA methylation in matched oral swab and tissue specimens from Chinese patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-06


169Li Qingxiang, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:李庆祥、郭传瑸*) (IF:2.789)

High level of CD10 expression is associated with poor overall survival in patients with head and neck cancer

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-07


170Zhu Jianhua, Liu Xiaojing*, Guo Chuanbin*et al.(作者:朱建华、刘筱菁*、郭传瑸*) (IF:2.789)

Navigation-guided core needle biopsy for skull base and parapharyngeal lesions: a five-year experience

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-01


171Zhang Guohao, Huang Mingwei*et al.(作者:张国昊、黄明伟*) (IF:2.789)

Recurrent adamantinoma of the mandible

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-08


172Xia Long, Jie Bimeng, He Xiang*et al.(作者:夏龙、揭璧朦、贺洋*) (IF:2.789)

Temporomandibular joint reconstruction with medial femoral condyle osseocartilaginous flap: a case series

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-05


173Yan Ziyu, Cui Nianhui*et al.(作者:闫子玉、崔念晖*) (IF:2.789)

Three-dimensional assessment of root migration and rotation patterns after coronectomy: bone-embedded roots versus soft tissue-covered roots

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-05


174Yu Yao, Peng Xin*et al.(作者:于尧、彭歆*) (IF:2.789)

Three-dimensional morphological analysis of neocondyle bone growth after fibula free flap reconstruction.

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-11


175Zheng Lei et al. (作者:郑磊) (IF:2.789)

Use of facial vein graft with vascularized composite auricular helical rim flap for alar rim defects

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-11


176Zhang Wanxin, Gao Xuemei*.(作者:张婉欣、高雪梅*) (IF:2.773)

A cone beam CT study of upper airway morphology in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women

International Journal of Womens Health 2021-11


177Zhou Xinzhu, Sun Xiangyu*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:周芯竹、孙翔宇*、郑树国*) (IF:2.757)

Analysis of salivary proteomic biomarkers for the surveillance of changes in high-risk status of early childhood caries

BMC oral health 2021-11


178Li Xiaotian, Zhang Heyu*, Li Tiejun*et al.(作者:李笑甜、张荷钰*、李铁军*) (IF:2.757)

Biopsied non-dental plaque-induced gingival diseases in a Chinese population: a single-institute retrospective study

BMC oral health 2021-05


179Zhu Ce, Yuan Chao, Sun Xiangyu*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:祝策、袁超、孙翔宇*、郑树国*) (IF:2.757)

Comparative analysis of the effects of collection methods on salivary steroids

BMC oral health 2021-07


180Chen Haotian, Liu Zijin, Wu Ben*, Gu Yan*et al.(作者:陈浩天、刘子衿、吴奔*、谷岩*) (IF:2.757)

Comparison of mandibular cross-sectional morphology between Class I and Class II subjects with different vertical patterns: based on CBCT images and statistical shape analysis

BMC oral health 2021-05


181Wang Xiaozhe, Gallagher *, Jennifere*et al.(作者:王笑喆、Gallagher Jennifer E*) (IF:2.757)

Dental caries thresholds among adolescents in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, 2013 at 12, and 15 years: implications for epidemiology and clinical care

BMC oral health 2021-03


182Zheng Chaoling, Liu Yunsong*, Hu Wenjie*et al.(作者:郑超玲、刘云松*、胡文杰*) (IF:2.757)

Effect of free gingival graft before implant placement on peri-implant health and soft tissue changes: a randomized controlled trial

BMC oral health 2021-10


183Wei Yiping, Zhang Bo, Hu Wenjie*et al.(作者:危伊萍、张波、胡文杰*) (IF:2.757)

Effect of ridge preservation at molar extraction sites with severe periodontitis on the Schneiderian membrane thickness changes: a pilot study

BMC oral health 2021-04


184Zhao Xiaoyi, Ren Yanfang*et al.(作者:赵晓一、Ren Yanfang*) (IF:2.757)

Effects of desensitizing dentifrices on dentin tubule occlusion and resistance to erosive challenges

BMC oral health 2021-12


185Wang Yanfeng, Ceng Jiajun, Luan Qingxian*et al.(作者:王延峰、曾佳骏、栾庆先*) (IF:2.757)

Efficacy of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate delivered by a new-type scaler tip during scaling and root planing on chronic periodontitis: a split-mouth, randomized clinical trial

BMC oral health 2021-02


186Zhang Yong, Chen Fan*, Cai Yu*et al.(作者:张勇、陈帆*、蔡宇*) (IF:2.757)

Evaluation of salivary biomarkers for the diagnosis of periodontitis

BMC oral health 2021-05

187Han Yi, Hou Xiaomei*.(作者:韩怡、侯晓玫*) (IF:2.757)

Glide Path Enlargement of Curved Molar Canals Using HyFlex EDM  Glide Path File versus PathFile: A Comparative Study of Preparation Times and Postoperative Pain

BMC oral health 2021-03


188Hao Kege, Zhang Yu*, Lin Ye*et al.(作者:郝柯屹、张宇*、林野*) (IF:2.757)

Morphometry and displacement analysis of the upper lips following maxillary full-arch implant-supported fixed prostheses: a 3D morphometric study

BMC oral health 2021-09


189Wu Yujia, Hu Zhewen, Sun Yuchun*, Fan Baolin*et al.(作者:吴宇佳、胡哲文、孙玉春*、范宝林*) (IF:2.757)

Optimum design of reference points distribution in three-dimensional reconstruction of dental model in intercuspal position

BMC oral health 2021-11


190Du Shuo, Zhang Chunzi, Zhang Shanshan*, Si Yan*et al.(作者:杜硕、张春籽、张珊珊*、司燕*) (IF:2.757)

The economic benefits of increased sugar-free chewing gum in China: a budget impact analysis

BMC oral health 2021-09


191Ren Qidi, Kui Fangqiao, Sun Xiangyu*, Zheng Shuguo*et al.(作者:任启迪、隗芳乔、孙翔宇*、郑树国*) (IF:2.757)

The effects of removing dead bacteria by propidium monoazide on the profile of salivary microbiome

BMC oral health 2021-09

192Liu Jian, Wang Chunmei*et al.(作者:柳键、王春美*) (IF:2.757)

The use of Oral Health Impact on Daily Living (OHIDL) transition scale in measuring the change in oral health-related quality of life among older adults

BMC oral health 2021-05


193Xue Fei, Luan Qingxian*et al.(作者:薛绯、栾庆先*) (IF:2.757)

Three‐dimensional quantitative measurement of buccal augmented tissue with modified coronally advanced tunnel technique and de‐epithelialized gingival graft: a prospective case series

BMC oral health 2021-03


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Digital workflow for full-arch immediate implant placement using a stackable surgical guide fabricated using SLM technology

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The Effect of Residual Dentition on the Dynamic Adjustment of Wear Facet Morphology on a Mandibular First Molar Crown

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Capnocytophaga periodontitidis sp. nov., isolated from subgingival plaque of periodontitis patient



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Botulinum toxin type a intralesional monotherapy for treating human hypertrophic scar in a dose-dependent manner: In an animal model 

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Microbiological and clinical evaluation of ultrasonic debridement with/without erythritol air polishing during supportive periodontal therapy in arches with full-arch fixed implant-supported prostheses: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

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Structuring electronic dental records through deep learning for a clinical decision support system

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Changes in Crystal Phase, Morphology, and Flexural Strength of As-Sintered Translucent Monolithic Zirconia Ceramic Modified by Femtosecond Laser

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Preliminary Validation of Serotransferrin and Vitamin D Binding Protein in Gingival Crevicular Fluid as Candidate Biomarkers for Pubertal Growth Peak in Class I and Class II Subjects

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Salivary microbiome and periodontal status of patients with periodontitis during the initial stage of orthodontic treatment

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Exosomes from Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Can Prevent Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

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Effects of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on the biological properties of human dental pulp stem cells and inflammatory pulp tissue

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Multi-target pharmacological mechanisms of Salvia miltiorrhiza against oral submucous fibrosis: A network pharmacology approach

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Ginsenoside Rb3 Alleviates the Toxic Effect of Cisplatin on the Kidney during Its Treatment to Oral Cancer via TGF- β-Mediated Mitochondrial Apoptosis

Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine 2021-01


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Effects of HDAC4 on IL-1 beta-induced matrix metalloproteinase expression regulated partially through the WNT3A/beta-catenin pathway

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Efficacy of computed tomography features in the differentiation of basal cell adenoma and Warthin tumor in the parotid gland.

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Number and type of Temporomandibular disorder symptoms: Their associations with psychological distress and oral health-related quality of life

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Surgery combined with 125I brachytherapy for treatment of carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland

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Impact of COVID-19 on oral emergency services

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Hyperresponsiveness of human gingival fibroblasts from patients with aggressive periodontitis against bacterial lipopolysaccharide

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Effects of temperature and ultrasonic scaler on the infusion process of green tea leaves and catechins stability under ultrasonic vibration

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Comparison of radiographical characteristics and diagnostic accuracy of intraosseous jaw lesions on panoramic radiographs and CBCT

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The interaction of obesity and craniofacial deformity in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Facile distribution of an alkaline microenvironment improves human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell osteogenesis on a titanium surface through the ITG/FAK/ALP pathway

International Journal of Implant Dentistry 2021-06


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Patient-reported outcome measures and clinical outcomes following peri-implant vestibuloplasty with a free gingival graft versus xenogeneic collagen matrix: a comparative prospective clinical study

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Surgery combined with iodine-125 interstitial brachytherapy for treatment of parotid adenoid cystic carcinoma: A single-institution experience

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Improving the quality of preclinical simulation training for dental students using a new digital real-time evaluation system

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Nomogram prediction of vulnerable periodontal condition before orthodontic treatment in the anterior teeth of Chinese patients with skeletal Class III malocclusion

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Histological, radiological, and clinical outcomes of sinus floor elevation using a lateral approach for pre-/post-extraction of the severely compromised maxillary molars: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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Evaluation of a dynamic navigation system for training students in dental implant placement



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Clinical Evaluation of 532-nm Green Laser on Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial

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Effect of Photobiomodulation on Periodontal Ligament Cells Under Inflamed and Nutrient-Deficient Conditions Simulating Damaged Cells of Avulsed Teeth: An In Vitro Study

Photobiomodulation Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 2021-11


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Identification of disulfiram as a potential antifungal drug by screening small molecular libraries



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Measurement of three‐dimensional changes in lip vermilion in adult female patients after orthodontic extraction: a retrospective longitudinal study

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Morphological changes of the anterior alveolar bone due to retraction of anterior teeth: a retrospective study

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An Overview of Anterior Repositioning Splint Therapy for Disc Displacement-related Temporomandibular Disorders

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A digitally designed and 3D printed individual tooth tray for taking subgingival impression of complete crown preparation

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Accuracy of root-end resection using a digital guide in endodontic surgery: An in vitro study

Journal of Dental Sciences 2021-01


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Surface Roughness and Gloss of Polished Nanofilled and Nanohybrid Resin Composites

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The effect of topical application of meloxicam on inflamed dental pulp

Journal of Dental Sciences 2021-06


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Evaluation of Functional Suitable Digital Complete Denture System Based On 3D Printing Technology

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Clinicopathological Factors are Predictors of Distant Metastases From Salivary Gland Carcinoma After Surgery Combined With 125 I Internal Brachytherapy

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-07


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Comparing clinical and radiographic characteristics of chronic diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis and craniofacial fibrous dysplasia in the mandible

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-12


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Factors Influencing Severity of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A Retrospective Study

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Is Operative Management Effective for Non-Bacterial Diffuse Sclerosing Osteomyelitis of the Mandible?

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-11


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Primary Reconstruction of Extensive Forehead Defects Using Supraorbital Artery Propeller  Perforator Flap

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-07


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Recurrence-Related Factors of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A Five-Year Experience

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-12


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Soft Tissue Management: A Critical Part of Implant Rehabilitation After Vascularized Free-Flap Reconstruction

Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 2021-03


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Digital workflow for prosthetically driven implant navigation surgery in a fully edentulous patient: a case report.

International journal of computerized dentistry 2021-09


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Navigation in bone-impacted premaxillary supernumerary tooth removal: a preliminary clinical trial

International journal of computerized dentistry 2021-12


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Socket Preservation Following Extraction of Molars with Severe Periodontitis

International journal of periodontics & restorative dentistry 2021-03


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Specific oral and maxillofacial identifiers in panoramic radiographs used for human identification



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Alveolar bone changes in maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth during orthodontic treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research 2021-05


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CT-MRI Image Fusion-Based Computer-Assisted Navigation Management of Communicative Tumors Involved the Infratemporal-Middle Cranial Fossa

Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B-Skull Base 2021-08


252Ma Huimin, Li Xiaotong*et al.(作者:马慧敏、李小彤*) (IF:1.826)

Morphometric evaluation of the alveolar bone around central incisors during surgical orthodontic treatment of high-angle

Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research 2021-02


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Improved procedure for Brown's Class III maxillary reconstruction with composite deep circumflex iliac artery flap using computer-assisted technique



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Occlusal Assessment of Zirconia Crowns Designed with the Digital Articulator and Traditional Methods

International journal of prosthodontics 2021-01


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A comparison of voxel- and surface-based cone-beam computed tomography mandibular superimposition in adult orthodontic patients

Journal of international medical research 2021-01


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The efficacy of iodine-125 interstitial brachytherapy for the treatment of locally advanced adenoid cystic carcinoma of the base of tongue: a non-surgical approach

Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy 2021-08


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Digital assessment of gingiva morphological changes and related factors after initial periodontal therapy

Journal of Oral Science 2021-01


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Effects of bioactive glass with high phosphorus content on mineralization of type I collagen fibrils

Journal of Oral Science 2021-10


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Phase transformation behaviors and mechanical properties of NiTi endodontic files after gold heat treatment and blue heat treatment

Journal of Oral Science 2021-01


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Prospective Trial of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Continuous Noninvasive Monitoring of Free Fibular Flaps



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Evaluation of the Degradation Rates and Biocompatibility of Magnesium Pins with Different Compositions, and Processing Techniques for Oral Staplers In Vivo and In Vitro

Science of Advanced Materials 2021-01


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Force changes associated with differential activation of en-masse retraction and/or intrusion with clear aligners

Korean journal of orthodontics 2021-01


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Exosomes derived from osteoclasts under compression stress inhibit osteoblast differentiation

BIOCELL 2021-02


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Morphologic analysis of alveolar bone in maxillary and mandibular incisors on sagittal views

Surgical and radiologic anatomy 2021-06


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Three-dimensional morphologic classifications and analysis of canal isthmuses in permanent molars

Surgical and radiologic anatomy 2021-11


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Reconstruction and analysis of the aberrant lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA network based on competitive endogenous RNA in adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary gland

Translational Cancer Research 2021-12


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Delayed Development of Maxillary Second Premolar: Case Report and Literature Review

Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 2021-02


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A Modified Design of the Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap for Reconstruction of Head and Neck Defect

Journal of craniofacial surgery 2021-08


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Differences of Craniofacial Characteristics in Oral Breathing and Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Journal of craniofacial surgery 2021-03


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Finite element analysis of two- and three-dimensional fixation in treating mandibular symphyseal fracture combined with bilateral condylar intracapsular fractures

Journal of craniofacial surgery 2021-10


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Mandibular Reconstruction with the Iliac Flap Under the Guidance of a Series of Digital Surgical Guides

Journal of craniofacial surgery 2021-07


272Bai Yunxiang, Wu Jiaqi*et al.(作者:白云洋、吴佳琪*) (IF:0.940)